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Thumper Soundtrack

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Single-playerAdditional High-Quality Audio
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Review from 76561198321098649very different than whats in the game. can also be found for free on spofity.
Review from 76561198301905226Ouright boring, empty drones. Where are the chaotic rhythms of the game? All the game's "percussion" is gone and the ambient pieces alone are not noteworthy.
Review from 76561198379213291i hear the war drums everywhere i go
Review from 76561198114914850insert loud metallic music here
Review from 76561198053169938it just goes thump or thump thump
Review from 76561198078034061I am disappointed that a lot of music that is in the game is not in the soundtrack. The music in the soundtrack is more chaotic than the muisic in the game. However the soundtrack has the music from the start screen and the credit,s and the soundrack has music that resembles some of the music in the game.
Review from 76561198025176680I was only listening to two tracks at first, but now the rest sound catchy. "Boom clink clink, clink clink clink clink thwump boom click, click click, thump, shink click click click shink click click click, boom clink clink, clink clink, clink clink, thwump, boom" indeed.
Review from 76561197971238099genial