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Review from 76561198329601119If you want good graphics or combat this isn't for you. If you want a simple yet fun little wand waver with basic environmental puzzles then maybe it is... basic but enjoyable.
Review from 76561197992292854A lovely magic-based VR game that uses in-air gestures to prime a wand with a spell (or two!). It has pre-HL:Alyx controls, but it's fine after 5 minutes when you get used to it. It's a shame there isn't a continuous movement mode. I particularly like that they made a lack of enemies work so well. There is a lack of guides out there for the later parts of the game, but one of those times I was stuck was resolved by looking at the numbers on the fast travel map more closely.
Review from 76561198086251188I rarely get sick but man this game I just couldn't bring myself to keep playing. I put in a request for a refund after 5 minutes of desperately trying to MOVE and only succeeded by making myself nauseated. Great concept but man the controls suck. :/
Review from 76561198001576466I played this game because I finally got around to connecting my Quest to my PC and saw it in my Steam library - I had bought it years ago, when I was intending to get a HTC Vive. As in the one released in 2016. (And then I didn't get a VR headset until the Oculus Quest at the start of 2020) It's a nice, casual, puzzle + treasure hunt game where you cast spells to do, well, everything. Open a door normally? No! You're a mage! Cast a spell to open it for you! There's no combat, even though there are some spells that could be used for it (including fire balls!) but instead they are used for solving puzzles or otherwise interacting with the environment. Mostly the game is tracking down chests to find pieces of a map that lead you to where you can find the crystal shards you need to finish the game. You don't need to find all the map pieces - often finding 2/3 map segments is enough to know where you have to go and what you have to do once you're there. Sometimes important hints are given by the NPCs that appear near map chests once you open them too. (all NPCs "talk" by having a scroll with what they are saying on it, which is a nice touch I think) Many of the puzzles can be solved in multiple ways, and often you can use additional spells to make something easier (whether that's solving a puzzle or just exploring). Something helpful is most places you are looking for crystal shards have how many you've found in different parts of the area on the quick travel map. It's nice so you know whether you've missed something or not. I really enjoyed the spell casting system. The game detected my gestures properly almost all of the time, better than many games with bigger teams and budgets. The combined spells tend to make sense. And a lot of the spells were quite fun to use. The "draw the rune" then "cast the spell" steps were things I didn't even think about much after the start, even though they shared a button and many spells are made from two runes. I got 100% completion in seven hours, and I wasn't exactly trying to fast. But that's still a decent length for a VR game (especially for a non-shooter from 2016). Another thing to mention is it does have multiple player slots. I have other people that like using my VR and it's annoying to have to tell them not to play a specific game because I haven't finished it yet, so multiple player slots is a definite plus. Problems... This game was made in 2016, and it shows. Home VR was still pretty new, and some things this game tries (like using the grip buttons to drag your view around to rotate!) are horrible. Thankfully I could disable the grip buttons to rotate thing in the options by setting rotation to roomscale and just turning around myself without having to worry about accidentally pressing a grip button. The graphics are, I think, quite good for the time, but the textures are pretty low-res for today's VR systems. Have a look at the screenshots if graphics are important to you. The game also has some minor bugs. Sometimes levitation seemed to act weird, and once I got stuck in a wall (though pressing the button to open the in-game menu, say to access the quick travel or quests, was enough for it to push me out of the wall and everything to be fine again)
Review from 76561198098128835I recommend this one, with a caveat- if you have issues with smooth rotation in VR, this one will likely give you problems. I have such issues, but the game was good enough that I kept going for nearly an hour before I tapped out. If snap turning was added, this would be one of the best VR games I have played thus far. I like the rune mechanic, the exploration is fun with neutral (neither great nor awful) visuals, and it's engaging enough that it kept me interested. I'm keeping it in hopes that snap turning will someday be added, or for days when I am super resistant to VRtigo.
Review from 76561198078784062Very fun Puzzles and a big world to explore. You will spend a bit of time in mazes though.
Review from 76561198062767576A fun and awesome puzzle game where you use gesture-based spellcasting to solve puzzles.
Review from 76561197971905574This is absolutely fantastic. Thoroughly recommended. There's about 8 hours of playtime here.
Review from 76561198025079526This game looks really interesting, I love the concept of gestures for magic, However, the turning mechanism is a complete show-stopper for me. You turn by holding the grip button and "dragging" the world around you. Firstly, it doesn't move in the direction I expect, secondly, there is no snap turning, and even after having gotten used to smooth movement in other games, this makes me instantly sea sick. So much so that I had to stop playing after about 30 minutes. Several peoeple in the duscussion forum seem to have the same problem, however there has been no response. Also, there does not seem to have been any update at all recently. It's a shame, as this game seems very promising. If the smooth turning and the un-intuitive control doesn't bother you, it's worth trying out, I guess
Review from 76561198006585831Played on the Oculus Rift S. Picked up on the summer sale for for £2.79, definitely worth it, I'd say worth the full price too! I enjoyed drawing the runes out and casting them as spells, as well as combining the different runes you can learn throughout the game. Completed in 7.5 hours. Graphics aren't ground breaking, but the game play is there for me for the price point and and created by a one man band. Few areas where traversing the terrain was a little troublesome using free locomotion, but this didn't bother me at all!
Review from 76561198082980871Was expecting a quality runecrafting game. Got that AND a quality I-Spy game. 10/10
Review from 76561198041925998Ну что ж, игра пройдена. Впечатления самые позитивные. Единственное, чего не хватает игре - перевод! Вот прям сильно не хватает. Поначалу я не могла пройти дальше, поскольку не вчитывалась в записи (перевод!), а сама долго не могла догадаться, что заклинания можно смешивать. За исключением этого, игра проходится несложно, подглядывать в прохождение не приходится. Загадки и карты достаточно логичные. Если внимательно смотреть по сторонам, можно найти достаточное количество подсказок. Одновременно, все не настолько просто, чтобы заскучать. Про сюжет ничего не могу сказать (перевод же!), однако, мы тут, судя по всему, спасаем мир. Нас учат заклинаниям, мы собираем магические кристаллы. Очень понравилось, что заклинания надо вырисовывать палочкой. Почувствуйте себя волшебником! Часа через два уже руки ныть начинают... К сожалению, все хорошее быстро заканчивается. Однако девять часов на прохождение у меня ушли.
Review from 76561198015937407Think this was the first game to make runemages which inspired the class in the vrmmo. It is pretty good. Have not finished but it is enjoyable puzzle game.
Review from 76561198049369252Игра топ. Почувствовал себя настоящим волшебником! Механика с прорисовкой заклинаний волшебной палочкой затягивает. Комбинация заклинаний похожа на систему в Magicka, чувствуется очень свежо. Головоломки достаточно интересные и не слишком сложные. Хотелось бы продолжения этой игры, в котором будет развитие сюжета, больше динамики, музыки, повествования, лора. А ещё больше элементов магии и возможностей для их комбинирования. Данная игра имеет незаслуженно низкую популярность, вполне зайдёт тем кто хочет себя проявить в роли эдакого Гарри Поттера! :)
Review from 76561198213701175Entspanntes und sehr gutes Magie-Rätsel-Spiel, mir hat es viel Spaß gemacht. Mit rudimentären Englisch-Kenntnissen sollte man auskommen. Im Grunde gibt es ein bisschen Story am Anfang und ein paar optionale Tipps auf englisch. Runen werden erlernt, das sind Gesten um Magie zu wirken. Diese können miteinander zu Sprüchen kombiniert werden, um so weitere, wie ich finde, interessante magische Möglichkeiten zu haben. Logisch um weitere Orte zu erschießen, Geheimgänge zu finden und Rätsel zu lösen. Dies fühlt sich super an und macht Spaß. Mir hat es überhaupt nicht gefehlt, hier keiner Gegner dahin schnetzeln zu müssen - im Gegenteil. Fand es sehr erfrischend mich entspannt auf die Welt, Magie und Rätsel zu konzentrieren zu können. Wer damit was anfangen kann, sollte auf jeden Fall zugreifen. Hatte keinerlei technische Probleme. Grafik und Sound sind der Projekt Größe mehr als angemessen. Alle Rätsel sind logisch, nachvollziehbar und nicht zu schwer. Für mich hat es perfekt gepasst. Hab es in etwa 11 Stunden komplett durchgespielt. ------------------------- Relaxed and very good magic puzzle game, I enjoyed it very much. You should get along with rudimentary English knowledge. Basically there is a little story at the beginning and some optional tips in English. Runes are learned, these are gestures to cast magic. These can be combined with each other to form spells, so that there are more, I think, interesting magical possibilities. Logically to shoot more places, find secret passages and solve puzzles. This feels great and is fun. I didn't miss at all to not have to shred any enemies - the opposite was the case. I found it very refreshing to be able to concentrate relaxed on the world, magic and puzzles. if this pleases you, you should definitely take them. I had no technical problems. Graphics and sound are more than adequate for the project size. All puzzles are logical, comprehensible and not too difficult. For me it fit perfectly. Played it through completely in about 11 hours. @George: I thank you very much for this great game.
Review from 76561198023501973this is a good game if you like puzzles
Review from 76561198007808181I think there are better games on the market now. I would recommend other narrative games with better gameplay than this. Initial Review: The game was not for me personally but I do appreciate this game for what it is. I would say this is a good kid friendly game as the mechanics are simple and the game play is straight forward. Kids may get frustrated at some of the puzzles or not knowing where to go. There are also some "scary" portions of the game that usually involve darkness (not being able to see your surroundings and the light spell doesn't illuminate that well). This game is a puzzle game. You explore the world, combine different spells to get past obstacles, and collect runes. Collect all the runes and you win. runes are hidden all around and there is very little guidance on where to go in the world. if you learn a new spell or collect some runes, you're probably going to the right way. I made it through about half of the main story and lost interest as there was a lot of back tracking (may have been my fault). If I end up finishing the game, I will update my review. Overall not a bad game so I recommend it, just not my type of game.
Review from 76561198036558829Nice relaxing indie vr puzzler. Nice break from the fast paced VR norm
Review from 76561198076564567RuneSage ist ein sehr interessantes Spiel. Man löst Rätsel erkundet die Welt und kann dazu noch mit einem Zauberstab herumfuchteln. Was will man mehr? xD Die Grafik ist einfach gehalten, es gibt keine besonderen Details, aber das brauchtbdieses Spiel auch gar nicht. Die Einfachheit ergänzt den Charme. Die Rätsel sind einfach bis schwierig zu lösen, je nachdem wie gut man in diesen Dingen ist. Daher ist es für jeden Geeignet, der sich mal an ein paar Denk-Aufgaben testen will. Die Spielzeit hängt davon ab, wie viel Zeit man für die Rätsel benötigt. Sollte man ziemlich fix im Kopf sein könnte das schon nach 2-3 Stunden sein. Ich selbst habe mit Welt erkunden und herumspielen etwa 8-9 Stunden gebraucht. Den einzigen Minuspunkt muss ich bei der Fortvewegung geben. Es war am Anfang ziemlich schwer herauszufinden wie man sich nun nach vorne Bewegt und habe mich manchmal ausversehen Bewegt, was einem manchnal wie ein Zucken vorkam. Um das zu entgehen, geht man so früh wie möglich nin das Menü um sich dort einzustellen, mit welcher Variante man laufen will. Danach muss man sich nur noch an die jeweiligen Tasten gewöhnen und hat ein tolles Spielerlebnis. Es sollte, auf jeden Fall einmal gespielt werden, sofern man eine VR Brille hat.
Review from 76561198844781669This is the best game of its kind I have found so far. I can play it, and my 7 year oil can play it as well. It makes you use your brain and you don't have to be afraid that some creature will pop out. Very good!
Review from 76561197970685997Very simple but addictive exploration/puzzle game. Its USP is that you cast spells by doing certain gestures and combining this spells is required for solving puzzles to collect all crystals. Positive: + Relaxing gameplay (exploration + puzzles) + Casting spells + Length of the game Negative: - Graphics - I wouldn't call it open world, but it is non linear (you find something so you can continue somewhere else, etc.) - Could contain even more puzzles and less walking All in all a solid, slow paced exploration and puzzle game. Casting spells using gestures is really a nice thing.
Review from 76561198112596673I just started plalying today, but this is EXACTLY what I LOVE to play!!!! No monsters to have to kill, no time limits, no running and hiding, no dying. Puzzles to solve and missions to complete. The ambient music is perfect and the scenes are drawn beautifully. Amazing job. Great Game
Review from 76561197972090300Meant to get this one as soon as it came out (a few months ago). It was the 'Magic Gesture' mechanic that got me interested, because very few games use it (even with mice), but it's one of the coolest ideas ever. Peter Molyneux used it in 'Black & White', with a mouse. I thought it would have trended everything, but it hasn't, until now :) That being said, the gesture mechanic harkened me back to days or yore... 1987!.., with Dungeon Master, (and Populous, 1989). You controlled the entire 'party' of characters, not just one, but pulling off a spell while some Zombie in Not-so-shining armor was trying to "Can-Open" your skull, was a total buzz, and that was with just a series of icons! If the gesture mechanic was incorporated back then, games would have been absolutely perfect. Support what you love. Hopefully, the Gilberts... and friends, who developed 'Runesage', can make something even more amazing and complex. A 'series of gestures', for a healing potion or a 'tiny little' fireball, was, and will be, the most fun you'll ever have. Don't dumb things down :) Thank you, GG (George Gilbert) :)
Review from 76561198018214065Complex RPG-Adventure with pleasant graphic
Review from 76561197999671556A surprisingly cool game! An interesting, open world that is fun to explore.
Review from 76561198027647796Let's Play(about 50 first minutes of gameplay) - http://www.htcvivegamereviews.com/all-video-list/wizards-puzzles-runesage-vr/ Original Review - http://www.htcvivegamereviews.com/all-review-list/magic-runesage-review/ RuneSage is a puzzle game with elements of magic and its own dedicated lore upon the story. It is clear that developer had a lot of interest in trying to make it a multi-dimensional game by taking the effort to put scrolls and story elements throughout the game. When it comes down to it for me though – I find it slightly too tame to really recommend to hardcore gamers but I could see recommending to a new player to VR or someone wanting a more relaxing experience. RuneSage makes no claims of having much action or combat, in fact the description on Steam itself clearly states “Please note that RuneSage is not (yet another) fast paced generic action VR wave shooter. There are no monsters to kill. You are never “in danger”. RuneSage is deliberately a more gentle experience; a magical “scavenger hunt” designed for those wanting to explore an immersive open world, discovering its secrets at their own pace.” This is true and I can vouch for it. I think it reveals to myself how much “danger” or “stress” elevates gameplay to myself while the lack of it quickly makes me feel bored. If you’re someone who doesn’t like “danger” or “losing”, this is likely more up your alley than myself. Let me talk about what I did enjoy about RuneSage – for starters, I like how the adventure and goals is laid out in front of you at the start of the game. It’s clear you have to gain crystals of the elements and save the world. I actually really liked the progression system and the map in the mage village which showed what was going on and where your adventure would take you. I also would like to give a thumbs up to some visuals I saw – the cave looked great! The interaction of spells and utilizing runes with your wand is actually very natural and reminded me a bit of Okami for the Wii(the drawing part if you know what I mean). So if you’re someone who really likes puzzle games(without danger or timers or losing), this might be up your alley. It doesn’t have the flash of something like Talos Principle or the atmosphere of some of the VR Escape Room type games but it does seem to have a lot of content for a game that starts at $9.99 for when this review is written. For me personally, I still have to settle with a rather modest score when it comes to “rating” RuneSage. There was something unrewarding about solving the puzzles which I did feel while playing some of the other purely puzzle games(a genre I don’t usually delve into) – I felt like Pavlov’s Dog without the bell.
Review from 76561198056602470- Finishing time: about 7 hours - Some cool puzzles - Developer took care for the players: motion / handling of controls can be configured to ones liking. Maps and journal make it obvious how many fragments there still are in which sector of the map. This game is for you if you: - like to solve some cool puzzles in a 3D world - want to get all possible achievements without the need of completing some almost impossible feat ;-) This game is not for you if you: - expect fighting and killing (not one fight in this game!) - want to have a lot of dialogues. Your task is to explore and find some maps and artifacts. You interact with your environment, but not with people. You are the only person (besides the instructing wizards) around in a world with dungeons.
Review from 76561198373092975This as not unlike Xing to play in that it is a game you can play at your own pace very good puzzle system . Very good value .definate buy
Review from 765611979707541166.5/10 Pros: Good exploration and puzzling Challenges your mind rather than your reflexes Alternative solutions for some puzzles Non-linear puzzling means, you can continue elsewhere when you're stuck Good amount of playtime for the price Cons: Graphics are extremely bland and lifeless Music is mediocre at best (medieval equivalent of elevator music) Collision seemed a little fidgety here and there (on Rift) No real story Overall lackluster atmosphere Many of the spells seem to have no practical use Doesn't make much use of VR beyond gestures
Review from 76561198051564631This is one of the best VR games I have played so far. If Puzzle/RPG games are your thing, or if you just want to experience being a wizard, then this game is for you. This is by far one of the longest (most content) games I have played, and I loved every minute.
Review from 76561198414510655[h1]魔法を使って各地に隠されたクリスタルを探すゲーム[/h1] [b]ストーリー[/b] 嵐が来て、世界を守っていたクリスタルが粉々になって各地に散らばってしまった... 次の嵐が来る前にクリスタルを全て見つけましょう! [b]内容[/b] ・迷路や、魔法を使った謎解きがメインです ・戦闘要素なしなのでVR世界の探検に集中できます ・移動方式が色々あります。 自分は腕振り移動でBGM聞きながらのんびり歩いて、疲れたらワープして探検しました。 [b]良いところ[/b] ・魔法が使える!!ハリーポッター風に杖を振らないと発動しない! 魔法のルーンを書くのが大神っぽくて楽しいです。2つの魔法の組み合わせで他の魔法が使えるのが面白いです。 ・世界の雰囲気が良い(生い茂った森、薄暗い洞窟、溶岩の海など色々探検できます。ストーリーが進むと天気が変わっていくのも臨場感あって良いです) ・英語がわからなくても直感とひらめきと探索でクリアできる(途中で行き詰ったら他の場所を探査したら解決方法や簡単にクリアできるチート魔法[spoiler]暗闇を常時明るく照らす炎の壁など[/spoiler]が見つかったりしました) [b]不満点[/b] ・ヒントが英文と、宝箱マップだけだったので、魔法使いのテキストを絵で教えてほしかった。 ・終盤で手に入った魔法の使いみちがほぼなかった クリア後にそれ[spoiler] 雪玉投げとか[/spoiler]を使ったミニゲームがあったらなぁと思った。 ・魔法使用時のボイスがおじさん。効果音でも良いと思った。 [b]感想[/b] 魔法が使えて雰囲気の良い世界だったので非常に楽しめました。VRの良さが十分にわかる良ゲーでした。
Review from 765611980964129992 Minute Video Review: https://youtu.be/pTV_I8XQaHY RuneSage is a magical scavenger hunt in which you're granted spells to search and find the hidden crystals. There's no combat in this game, it's peaceful exploration and item hunting. It's quite large, it'll take you around 8-10 hours to complete. Great sound design and music makes the world feel rich. Nice exploration gem here.
Review from 76561198297581073Yep it is very good. This is an open world puzzle game... but a real one. It has ha nice athmosphere with celtic music that just fits. It seems to be really big and the best thing is that the puzzles are not to easy. Very good so far with no bugs. Also it has all locomotion options. The asked prize it totally okay. I will update this once i finished it.
Review from 76561197996194046https://youtu.be/0REoyNK8cyk RuneSage is one of those games I stumbled across, and must say, is an absolute gem. The idea of the game is to explore the realm and find crystals, using spells to help you traverse obstacles. Spells are unlocked as you progress through the game, and like all good exploration games, the game has you returning to older locations because when you unlock new spells it can change your perspective on an old environment; areas you never thought were not accessible before suddenly become within reach thanks to your magic. The spellcasting is just fun. Spells are cast by drawing out shapes in the air with a wand. It has a really satisfying Harry Potter feel to it that I enjoy. Unlocking new spells is exciting because each of the spells are very cool, and I found there was no spell in the game that becomes obsolete, so even later in the game I found I was still using my good old initial Knock spell to unlock doors. Best of all, spells can be combined something like Magicka, so for example a water spell combined with a wind spell will give you a jet of water, that could be necessary to solve a puzzle. Every now and again drawing out the spell can be a bit niggly, but I found that if you draw the shape smaller it seems to register better. I wouldn't say the game is difficult, because there is nothing in it that is flat out hard to do, but it is tricky. There are puzzles that range from feats of dexterity and speed, to puzzles that require perception, and a little tinkering around with the environment. I've definitely hit walls and gotten lost, but this is one of those games that when you do figure out what to do next it makes you feel smugly satisfied. Something critical to point out about this game is that there are no monsters, no dangers and no pressures. This is not a first person shooter, not a wave defender, or even a dungeon crawler, this is pure atmospheric exploration and puzzle solving, and honestly with the VR market being swamped with shooters, this is what makes RuneSage stand out for trying something a little outside the box. While not exactly like the game Myst, I think the vibe of Myst is a good way to think about the gentle tone and pace of this game. Graphically, the game is nothing special. The textures are pretty good but where it falls flat is the lack of tessellation in the environments. So for example, you might see a door and it looks awesome, but on closer inspection you can see the door is just a texture wrapped around a flat rectangular polygon. But that said, don't be fooled into thinking the simple graphics will somehow detract from your enjoyment of the game. There are also nicely varied environments such as forests, caves and really spooky underground labyrinths. In terms of sound, sounds effects are fairly straight forward and relatively sparse, with no voice acting in the game other than the names of each spell as you unlock them. I don't know if it was a design choice, but the sparsity of sound and lack of voice, combined with the fact that you are just wandering around exploring leads to really a solitary experience. I've read other users on the forum as describing the game as quite lonely feeling, and it's weird but I actually agree. I don't dislike that though, and I think it gives the game a certain uniqueness to its tone. The music in the game is lovely, ranging from Celtic style folk music to creepy Gregorian chants. For the controls in this game, I give this developer and A++. Seriously, for any developer who is struggling with movement in their game, I am going to point them towards this game as a shining example. So why is it so good? Customization. Just about every VR control scheme is in there, plus the amazing option to further tweak them until they are perfectly tailored to you. Hate teleporting? No problem, there is a trackpad. Wanna use arm swing? Look to move or Onward style? Left handed, right handed, push to toggle or hold. Right down to being able to tweak the speed of movements, this game has just about everything to make it as comfortable as possible for the player. And for that reason, despite being a free movement game, I rate this as one of the most comfortable VR experiences I've had. To the developer, seriously.. well done. It's worth noting RuneSage is still in Early Access right now, but I've put 8 hours into it so far and it feels pretty solid. I'm definitely interested to see what more is gonna be added; Personally I'd love to see the environments continue to be padded out to make them even more immersive. On the higher tier of scope, it would be amazing if there was more interactivity with clutter objects in the world. Oftentimes there are rooms with books and scrolls on tables, but you can't actually pick anything up or knock them over. Other than that, one feature I would love would be if there was in-game notepad that you could either type or draw in. The game reminds me so much of old school paper and pen exploration games that there were times when exploring that I really wanted to draw a map as I walked or make reminder notes of interesting things, but didn't want the hassle of taking off the headset to literally draw in a paper notepad. I just think it could be cool if something like this existed in-game. Final thought, the price of $10 is perfect, and very reasonable for what the game already has to offer. So if you are looking for a chill, exploration and puzzle experience, I recommend RuneSage highly.
Review from 76561197994368591Runesage is an exploration adventure game involving puzzles where you use different spells, drawn by hand with your wand, to discover missing runes. You'll unlock more spells along the way to help you find more runes and solve more puzzles. In terms of visuals, I found the underground and darker parts of the game to be very visually appealing in VR, more than the outside was to me, but the outside does still fit the atmosphere. I personally found the progression with the in game hints to be easy enough not to be frustrating, but hard enough to still pose a challenge, however more hardcore puzzlers might be a bit disappointed with the difficulty. The game took me around 5 hours, so in my opinion it's absolutely worth the price if you think an exploration game with puzzle elements sounds fun.
Review from 76561198272057218This is a very fun game for those looking for an adventure of exploration and magic. There are no enemies to fight, which for me was a welcome change to other magic-based games. The dev is amazingly helpful and quick to respond to requests - something we gamers don't always experience. I had a bit of issue working out the mechanics of the game - teleporting and casting the magic - but once I figured it out (the issues were mine, not the game's) it worked very well. Magic casting is completed by releasing the trigger at the farthest point from your body; I do think this is not intuitive as in most games the trigger is pressed, not released, to start the action. If you have trouble spell casting, go back and read the instructions again. My other bit of advice - no spoilers here - is not to linger too long trying to complete a particular quest. As you get more spells and even a second wand, things that are impossible at one point suddenly are easy to complete. This is a game that I will replay at some point in the future, and I would not hesitate purchasing future games from this dev.
Review from 76561198257293417I really love this game. It's one of those games I feel a compulsion to keep playing because it's relaxing and engaging (plus I am cursed with being a completionist). Pros: -Soundtrack -Graphics, particularly the unique design of each of the eight mages -Puzzles, just difficult enough to be challenging but none felt impossible -Movement options: teleport, trackpad, and arm-swing! -The developer, he's very helpful to stuck sages like myself and is quick to respond to questions and feedback -The price, for at least 10-15 hours of interesting gameplay $9.99 is a really decent price (especially for a VR game) Cons: -NONE, after all the changes and hard work the developer has put into this game, I can happily say that there are no cons
Review from 76561198143630276I love this game, but it is extremely difficult. Is there a walkthrough or something to make this a little easier?
Review from 76561198061643655I had bought this game, just to experience being a mage. It accomplishes that pretty well, though I'll have to wait for fireballs. A couple of days after I bought the game though the developer actually contacted me seeing any improvements. I guess I'm just used to not ever hearing from the developers of games so it took me by surprise. I told him about what few problems I had with it and it didn't take long (I think a day.) for them to get fixed. I recommend the game because not only is it worth it now, but later down the line it will add more things, and only get better.
Review from 76561198009385242I'm really enjoying this so far. If you like exploration\puzzle games, you should give it a go. It has a nice atmosphere with a good choice of music. Using the spells you learn to solve puzzles and progress in the game is enjoyable. You also have 3 different options for locomotion, which allows you to choose the method that suits you best (this is always a nice option to have in VR games). I'm impressed in the world that's been created so far and the developer is very active in addressing problems and implementing new ideas the community has. The hard work an passion put into this game is the reason I support emerging VR developers in their creations.
Review from 76561198138235296Runesage is a great relaxing puzzle game with awesome magic mechanics. Decent playtime too, one of the longest VR games to date. Graphics are detailed. The grass are all individual object that sway in the wind. The map is diverse, ranging from grasslands to dark caves to a castle to rivers. No enemies though. It is just a puzzle/exploration game. The developer seems very dedicated. He/she implemented every suggestion I had and is very friendly.
Review from 76561197971358269Ce jeu est excellent et m'a donné du bon temp. Un jeu simple et sans stress pour se détendre et résoudre des puzzles. La nécessité d'explorer les différentes zones pour découvrir les sorts et ainsi débloquer les puzzles dans une autre zone est très bien. Ca donne un chemin non linéaire à suivre et un deuxième degré de casse-tête en raison de la nécessité de se rappeler les détail des lieux par ou l'on passe. Un bon mélange d'exploration, de magie, de variété de puzzle. Ajouter a ca un concept non linéaire donne à ces jeux un grand potentiel. C'est un early access, donc il est en cour de développement, mais totalement jouable et amusant. Mais l'aspect le plus important : le développement est dynamique et en vie. Il y a des mise ajours régulièrement chaque semaine pour debugger, optimiser et ajouter des nouveauté. Jouer sur oculus avec le touch
Review from 76561198083282256Very engaging and compelling puzzle oriented VR experience. Still in development but well worth tagging along for the ride. Spell casting is a pretty good experience. Can feel a little cumbersome until you get the feel for it.
Review from 76561198301417309It's a fun adventure game. You travel from place to place gaining spells to overcome obstacles. I was able to make it to the end fairly quickly, but it took me 5 hrs total to get 100% completion. The hidden gemstones took me a while to find. These gemstones once found open up some mini games with leaderboards.
Review from 76561198041571586I won this game in a free giveaway but I woukd have easily payed for it if I had not. Pros- Movement options out the fucking world. You like teleport no problem, how about trackpad he got you covered, oh you prefer arm-swinger that's cool bro. You have to "draw" you own spells semi-accurately and it gives you wnough wiggle room if it's close enough but won't just give it to you on a scribble. Puzzles actually make you think and don't just baby you. Dev actually listens to the community and takes criticism well. Cons- Graphics are not that great, however this is an EA game and the dev is constantly working on it. Colision is funky at times if you use trackpad locomotion and run into certain objects. Can not "draw" spells while moving. Overall I think the game is doing decent at it's current point but still needs quite a lot of work before it becomes good or worthwhile for anyone who is looking to sink in some time into it.
Review from 76561198123581839Very promising! I enjoyed hour or so I've spent on this so far. It's got great atmosphere and locomotion options. I'm a bit of a graphics fiend, so I'm always wanting sharper graphics, but the art style plus sound on this game is definitely good enough for immersion. I got stuck in the dungeon last time I played, but the atmopshere compels me to go back and see how far I can get. I just want to emphasize how important sound is. So many vive demos do not give it as much attention. But runesage has very good ambient sound and tasteful music; also little touches like birds, eagles, and butterflies- all this adds a ton to the experience. Worth checking out.
Review from 76561197960349658Rune sage, is a pretty nice experience, putting you in the shoes of a magician, resolving enigmas and exploring the world! It's relatively short, but the dev is working hard on it, adding a lot of stuff to the game, what is in the game is working pretty well!
Review from 76561198121190943The core concept around the game, how to use the magic spells with motion was good and I really wanted this game to work but it just didn't. I was dissapointed by the quality of the build of the world, it seems lifeless and was not immersive. The game was still glitchy on my system even on the lowest settings and for the quality of the world I was quite surprised. I can run what appears to me to be much more graphically amazing games without issue but this game did not run very well. Overall this game could be very good with more development of the world and the story devices used to teach you the magic but its just not there yet.
Review from 76561197970490589Fun adventure game. Spellcasting was a little awkward here and there. At times it felt like you have to do the wand formation almost perfectly. But you get used to it. I didn't have to fight any enemies and I got to the dark underground dungeon. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SnqFT7gdHsw
Review from 76561198047118494Ok I will go over the good, the not so great and my personal suggestions -Good- 1. The game has an awesome concept of drawing and combining spells with your wand to complete puzzles 2. Puzzles start out easy and get somewhat harder 3. Most important I had fun while playing it -Not so great- (some of these are small bugs) 1. At some point you need to use barrels to do something(being vague cuz I dont want to spoil) but while attempting this a barrel went through the ground and I was no longer able to use it. 2. there is currently no way to change graphic settings from within the game and must be done on launch via holding the alt key(though dev says hes working on this) 3. On low graphic settings the trees have some weird graphic effects when looking from a far distance -Suggestions- 1. currently you can not pass your face through a door or obstacle(it pushes you back in the environment) but it is very easy to just pass a hand through it and teleport without actually doing what needs done to progress. I suggest making it so when your hands pass through objects they become unusable. 2. Teleport works well enough but I would like to see either arm swing or controller/hmd facing locomotion. 3. Even before learning a spell its possible to cast it. I suggest making it so until you reach the building or enclosure where you discover the spells that you cant access that spell. 4. Would be great to have a spell book. The spells are easy enough to remember but someone may forget. 5. the plates you must stand on to open doors are difficult to tell when they are actually pressed down without restepping on them and listening to see if there is an audio queue and [spoiler]Barrels will press down on the plates just by touching the side of them[/spoiler]
Review from 76561197968185841Very cool game with a spell combination system. The developer is extremely active and the game is getting better all the time. Worth the asking price, for sure.
Review from 76561198014693818Understand this is early access, so not intended as a criticism, only feedback. I have a GTX 1070 graphics card and this game was *extremely* jittery to the point of being unplayable - much, much more so than any other VR game I've played. Seems as if graphics still need to undergo a lot more optimisation before it can be realistically played. Looking forward to seeing a more complete version though. UPDATE: Have taken the dev's advice of holding Alt when launching the game from Steam so that graphics settings can be adjusted, and that did the trick. I changed them to the lowest just to make sure it would work and everything was fine. One graphical anomaly which was that trees in the distance (the 2D ones) rotate along with the player's head! Strange effect. But otherwise now perfectly playable and enjoyable. :) Good stuff, and looking forward to playing it some more and seeing where it goes!