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Review from 76561198969268006Very good introduction for middle or high school to scientific concepts and history
Review from 76561198086000429Oldukça çeşitli şeyler var ve yapılmış birçok modül var.Genel olarak konuşursak, gerçek bir şey veya sahte değil, ancak birçok etkileşimli sahne var. Sesli rehber robot en dikkatli kısım, yarısında dinlemek istemeseniz bile gidip videoyu izleyin, bazı şikayetlerde bulunacaktır. Tüm laboratuvarı simüle etmiş ve bu yazılımın çok dikkatli bir kısmını hesaplamış! Daha çok çocukların basit bilimleri öğrenmesi için bir müze gibi. FU'nun yabancı bilim sergi salonu var. Birden fazla kişiyi destekliyor gibi görünüyor ama yeterli değil. Umarım birden fazla kişi müzeyi gezebilir! Eğitici bir yazılım ve ücretsiz deneyim için bu fena değil! ​
Review from 76561199101373029Жена сказала если на этом обзоре будет 50 лайков и 5 наград , она купит ящик пива, мужики выручайте! My wife said if this review gets 50 likes and 5 awards, she will buy a case of beer, guys help me out
Review from 76561198095917598This is great. Graphics could be a little better but still good. Its like the power house museum in Australia. Be Careful with your kids and the spider. Great laugh. Worth the download for sure
Review from 76561198036176076Прикольно для бесплатного приложения
Review from 76561197961017729More of a self contained smaller-sized facsimile of Engage. More laboratory focused, if that means anything, but still the same experience of going to other fun locations and there being a strong edu-tainment factor. Clearly not as fully featured and well corepgraphed as Engage, edmersiv still seems somewhat like a model viewer, but that's mainly just the main room, with the spider, mainly. [spoiler]I want a main coone cat.[/spoiler]
Review from 76561198191189787[b]Genel itibariyle eğitici ve öğretici bir sanal gerçeklik yazılımı kendisi. Oyunlar dışında biyolojiye, kimyaya veyahut tarihe ilginiz varsa interaktif şekilde derslere katılabilir eğlenerek öğrenebilirsiniz. Eğer elinizde bir sanal gerçeklik cihazı varsa kütüphanenize ekleyip denemenizi tavsiye ederim. Daha fazla inceleme için; https://store.steampowered.com/curator/28040015[/b] https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2773470085
Review from 76561198125392509gamesense
Review from 76561197960373660󠀡
Review from 76561198066590240[h1] Experienced this on the Oculus Rift with Touch Controllers without any issues [/h1] There's actually a lot of content here. There's many exhibits to go through, with varying levels of interactions. However, I think this VR experience must be geared for maybe middle school students. As such, I did not enjoy it. But it's a very good educational VR experience. It just wasn't for me. You teleport around and you learn about the varying exhibits. However, they don't seem to be very well organized and it goes from one random topic to another. The graphics are not the best. You learn something about the exhibit, but it is not very detailed. Again, must be geared for middle schoolers with ADD. So if you have kids and want them to learn something, this may be the perfect app for it. There are some mini-games interspersed.
Review from 76561198393832440Edmersiv shows off the educational capabilities of VR, as it has a wide variety of mini-games that teach kids about geography, anatomy, animals, and many other aspects of life. It uses intuitive controls and has a fun narrator. Although the graphics could be better in some of the mini-games, it’s still a great example of educational VR. Go Tarheels! @House Undergraduate Library
Review from 76561198008122763I'm writing a review since I downloaded this game a long time ago, but only played it recently. There's a decent amount of content including a really cool geo-guesser mini game. 100% recommended for kids (the target audience), but it's still fun to check out for anyone.
Review from 76561198129099048shit
Review from 76561197971433895東西蠻多樣的 模組製作很多 雖然普遍來說不構凝真還假假的 但是有很多互動場景 語音導覽機器人是最用心的一部分! 聽一半不想聽直接去看影片他還會小吐槽XD 他有模擬整個實驗室出來算這軟體很用心的部分! 比較像給兒童認識簡單科學的博物館 有外國的科學展廳的FU 好像有支援多人 只是還不夠多 期望可以多人導覽博物館! 以一個教育軟體又免費體驗來說這款算不錯!
Review from 76561197966401809Unglaublich, dass diese "Spiel" oder besser gesagt diese Lernsoftware kostenlos angeboten wird! Ich hätte auch gerne etwas dafür bezahlt, denn es ist eine absolut tolle Aufmachung, man lernt viel und es gibt viel zu erleben, anzufassen und zu kombinieren. Den Multiplayer konnte ich mangels Mitspieler nicht testen. Von mir definitiv einen Daumen nach oben! [u]Positive Merkmale:[/u] [list] [*] Kostenlos und viel Inhalt, wo hat man das heutzutage? [*] Eines der wenigen Lern-Programme für VR [*] "Spielend" lernen ist hier möglich [*] Grafik sehr gut und flüssig [*] Steuerung problemlos [/list] [u]Negative Merkmale:[/u] [list] [*] Keine Spieler gefunden für Multiplayer [/list] Ich habe auch ein Let's Play in meinem [url=https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3ok91FKp_SAtxhz63Ti3KQ]YouTube-Kanal[/url] aufgenommen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=azaw_cHkZ8o
Review from 76561198331461334The idea is great but the graphics are awful. Even worse, when you approach the globe in the centre of the main room and visit places the images are so pixelated that they're not viewable. There are other problems which is a shame, as they outweigh the good of the overall experience which in itself is lacking enough content even though it's free. Sorry - it has to be said! If I had paid money I would have refunded, and seeing as even fast broadband is a luxury commodity for some people on that basis I'm not recommending.
Review from 76561197969413676I feel like i've had a glimpse of the future. In 10 year time most school lessons will be like this. Its more of an experiment than a fully formed product, but i'll be dammed if i wasn't impressed at many points and blown away by the potential. And simple as it was, it was hard not to be open-mouthed at being able to jump inside the roman colussium and get a sense of its scale.
Review from 76561197972372180I gave this a recommend because I like what the creators are doing, but I do not agree with their method of delivery. It's okay. It's a good app to tour and thats the end of it. Kind of like visiting a museum, only more boring than a real museum. I also found a few bugs and kinks that really made it kind of frustrating. I feel like the app needs to immerse people more in the displays it has around. The collosseum was the coolest part; but thats just because I could warp inside of it and look around. For example, if the cell exhibit would let me highlight certain parts of the cell, and show how they contribute to the cells functioning (animation would be paramount, but even without). Showing how something works is much more educational than just looking at it and having a relatively boring narrarator explain in a very scientific manner how it works. Don't take me for a fool, either. I learned a couple of things from this app that I didn't already know. In my opinion, the devs needs to work on method of delivery. Good app anyways, fun to mess around with then never play again. I am not deleting it because I will check it again in a few months, and I'll update the review if the app impressed me more than it did this time.
Review from 76561198030591795Pretty cool example of educational vr software. It's similar to The Lab in the way it contains a bunch of smaller experiences you chose from a central room. All in all it has room for improvement and expansion, but even as it stands it provided an hour of good educational entertainment. Definitely worth checking out.
Review from 76561198313455701***CONTAINS SPOILERS*** software has a huge amount of content navigation is by teleporting and works okay; bit more explanation of what is interative in each area would help Be careful of the jumping spider and a nasty fall/push from the top of a coliseum; creaters have a dark sense of humor Its educational and its free; dont let that put you off try it now
Review from 76561198097641030This is great. Graphics could be a little better but still good. Its like the power house museum in Australia. Be Careful with your kids and the spider. Great laugh. Worth the download for sure
Review from 76561197971224375Bravo ! Excellent outil d'enseignement. Un potentiel énorme. Avec un bon suivi et du contenu augmenté, on tient là un formidable moyen de dispenser le savoir de façon ludique et interactive. Si on y ajoute une localisation propre à chaque langue, c'est un must have. Et last but not least, il est gratuit. C'est ce que devrait être tout moyen de s'enrichir intellectuellement