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Animal Lover

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Review from 76561199213086681MUITO BOM! Quer dizer, eu paguei TÃO barato nesse nesse jogo, então valeu super a pena, tem uma grande quantidade de conteudo e eu gosto bastante dos personagens e seus desenvolvimentos.
Review from 76561199079580462I don't care about the other reviews, the negative ones are wrong, every moment spent playing this had either me laughing, rolling my eyes, or kicking my feet around in joy. I never felt like this was pushing progressiveness forward, but even if it was it does not make the plot any less fun. I think the humor and realness of the characters is good enough for any romance player, whether they be a veteran or a newbie looking to get started in the ways of romance. This was a breath of fresh air I never knew I needed until now and it makes me ready to continue exploring the wonders of romance and otome games alike. I thank the creators for this wonderful experience and everyone who had a part in building this world and wonderful cast of characters
Review from 76561198425114644this is one of the few dating sims i've played where i genuinely liked every love interest from the moment i met them and had a pretty hard time choosing a route
Review from 7656119823767696018 yaş ergen hayat simülasyonu dürüstçe beğenmedim konuşmalar boş gereksiz komiklik yapılmaya çalışılıyor ama sadece çalışılıyor o kadar
Review from 76561198120605015Boring and ugly. Nothing special, waste of time and money.
Review from 76561198207083779A game that taught me that kissing animals would turn them into real, good looking guys... I tried it on my cat... Despite him not minding my affection... He did NOT turn into a mixed Russian breed with a deep voice. I have no access to other animals to try and people would look at me weird if I just "ask politely" to kiss their pet... So I came to a conclusion... Magic has to be involved... Magic that isn't like an animal's love for its owner... But rather ACTUAL magic... Or it's easier to find a guy... A willing guy... One who will wear fluffy animal ears and a tail for you... Heh heh. ^(^-^)^
Review from 76561198053026689I liked this game a lot.
Review from 76561198164752366I have re-read this visual novel at least 3 times, it's one of my favorites and it just really makes me happy. It's funny, silly, and heartfelt and I recommend it so much.
Review from 76561198941054005傻逼游戏,弱智剧情。要不是挂卡一秒钟都不想玩
Review from 76561198300270231그녀는 애니멀 러버, 나는 어치브먼트 러버. 가이드에 있는 100% 도전과제를 참조하면 40분이 채 안 돼서 도전과제 전부 딸 수 있네요. 어차피 한글 지원도 없는 비주얼 노벨 게임이니, 빠르게 뽑아 먹고 다른 게임하러 가는 게 스팀을 대하는 우리들의 현명한 자세일 것입니다.
Review from 76561198073750319Not terrible but not the best either, get it on sale if you must.
Review from 76561198264745312I've got mixed feelings about this one to be honest. On one hand the game itself is really nice. It's funny and sweet, I really liked all the major characters and the main character is absolutely endearing. I'd say it was a little bit lacking on the actual romance part, but, well, it's not the longest game. On the other hand devs decided to take a bit of an awkward stance on topics of feminism and abusive behaviour. By the way MC reacts on things you may assume that they aren't exactly anti-feminist, and yet some bad decisions were made and the way they handle these topics is questionable at best. I'm choosing to give them a benefit of the doubt, but if you feel that you can be triggered by this, I'd suggest you pass on this one. Also I imagine [spoiler]unavoidable major character suicude[/spoiler] deserves some sort of warning beforehand.
Review from 76561198088298248Degeneracy incarnate.
Review from 76561198163105558This is a really great visual novel, it doesn't take itself too seriously and provides dialog that feels genuine. The characters are all unique to their personality types and time frames, and continue to grow as they get re-accustomed to human life. A good mixture of comedy into a dating sim that makes for a good casual play.
Review from 76561198119448712Cute game! Somehow I loved EVERY single one of the love interests, which is incredibly rare in dating sims. The story is good, the writing is Amazing--the characters speak like actual real people would while still managing to be funny or realistically sad when the situation calls for it--but the game falls flat on the romance aspect, and it could've been fleshed out way more. The romance feels fairly sudden, even for a short VN, and it feels like more could have been done there. One another gripe I have is that one of the love interests has a conflict focused mostly around his sexuality, which is kind of a bummer, but he's overall a pretty good LI still. Overall recommend it. It's short and sweet and the writing is worth your money.
Review from 76561198028199661Its a good Visual Novel + Dating Simulator Rom Com. I would recommend buy it at sale. I must confess I played this game after seeing someone having all achievements in 1.6 hours. I thought it would be an easy fast run to a perfect game. [i]Boy was I wrong![/i] A Neo-feminist witch named Aadara has cursed 5 boys to be animals - A Dog, Cat, Hamster, Bear, Duck and so on. 4 of them are sexy hunks. Edmund is a Prince from past, over 100 years ago. Charlie a Financial techno geek turned to animal 1 year ago. Kyle used to be an Asian origin rebel punk 30 years ago. he still is but time has moved past him. They only had one thing in common They either pissed Aadara off in personal behavour or were perceived as sexist by her. Lucy, a college studying intern with a doctor comes across all 5 and they return to human form coming in contact with her. However this is temporary as they will be back to being animals soon. The Story takes 5 paths where Lucy must choose one guy and this creates a separate romantic dating track, before they again finally get together to confront Aadara to free the guys from the curse permanently. This leads to 7 endings where she either pairs up as a couple with one of the 5 guys or is left alone moving on while coming to terms with the crazy events talking to her best friend Katy. The story had potential. There is little of romance and dating actually. There is more of the guys renting an apartment and coming to terms with their ordeal trapped as animals as they sympathize, fight, bicker, argue with and accept each other. Some dialogues are funny, some arguments witty. Like Prince Edmund supports Monarchy, and he cannot believe Internet exists that one can find all the world in a PC. Or Kyle who cannot believe films can be downloaded virtually from air now. The romantic choice based detour lasts barely one chapter. Its rushed and brief. There are too many dialogues to read, Not fun for people with reading glasses. Of all guys, Kyle who was a cat had most strongest and darkest backstory. A critical ending with him is marked as 'Canon' ending. Rest guys story was not handled with that much depth. My personal observation is Multiple Endings and sub-plots based on choice is fine. BUT Achievements should be kept generic and not assigned to some choices that divert or can be missed. Replaying a lengthy text based Visual Novel is not everyone's cup of tea. The art was nice. The game is either too long [in terms of characters and choices] or too short [Relationships between so many people cannot be crammed in one episode]. The game should have been fleshed out a little more in depth and maybe should have been done in 2 shorter parts not exceeding 2 hours. I liked the debates between the guys, but overall the game did not move me much like Fox Hime series. I guess some people did get moved. Personally I thought the game was OK lacking soul. At least the game did not have the girl gasping in sexual orgasmic moan when laughing or talking like many of those other games. Most achievements are unmissable BUT I hate the fact that some are triggered by choices you make. You can check an achievement Guide to know which are standard and which are optionally unlocked. The game allows many save slots so my suggestion is watch out for these Checkpoints I list below and save them so you can revisit it and unlock alternate Achievements if you miss any. It beats re-playing full game. I lack patience to replay lengthy VNs. I actually wish Visual Novels with Multiple Endings should have some standard achievements not choice based. A checkpoint in this game is when you get options on screen and you choose an event or dialogue reaction. These choices trigger some achievements or you miss some So here goes: 1. When they go to Zoo to Free Charlie, a bear. Frankie must lie he is not afraid for achievement: [b][i]Threw Frankie Under The Bus[/i][/b] 2. When Lucy goes on and on about signing note with incorrect 'Thank' [instead of Thank You] it comes to choice 'Fix It [No Achievement] and Leave as is triggers achievement [b][i]Additional Thanks Pending[/i][/b]. 3. Alone Time chapter where you choose to go out with a guy - save choices screen. Choose Miguel, go grocery Store for: [b][i]No Dinner 'Til Brooklyn[/i][/b] 4. You must avoid Kyle chapter when choosing a guy to unlock [b][i]Learned The Truth The Hard Way[/i][/b] you need avoid allowing them to confess their dark pasts earlier. When confronting Aadara in Last Chapter, [b]SPOILER ALERT:[/b] [spoiler]Not running off with Spell book leads to less exciting finish but learnt Truth Hard way Achievement (Depends on if you Forgive Kyle or Don't, Wish to be with him or Don't. one of those)[/spoiler] 5. You get this achievement [b][i]Learned The Truth The Easy Way[/i][/b] when they open up to you about their wrongdoings before climax. I found going Kyle's way unlocked it when he opened up. 6. When Edmund insists you take a side in Anarchy vs Monarch debate against Kyle, save checkpoint and take turns choosing both options each choice unlocks an Achievement but does not change story flow at all. 7. There comes a choice [b][i]Deal[/i][/b] (No Achievement) or No Deal See? When 2 boys argue in apartment later. No deal see? Unlocks [b][i]See?[/i][/b] 8. Truth or Dare in Bathtub. Save from first checkpoint to Replay. Play Dare with Miguel & Frankie, ask them [when prompted] to remove their shorts. This gets a different achievement. Or choose Truth all along that goes against Kyle asking for Dare everytime and getting to [b][i]Ha Ha Fck You Kyle[/i][/b] Achievement. Accept all beers offered at any point both ways to get another achievement [b][i]Party Girl[/i][/b] 9. When they first email Aadara, Save checkpoints on which boy's suggestions you need to club an email message. Ones not hinting at any personal anger or frustration of the boys is best. A confusing set of statements joined from boys suggestions needed to Confuse Aadara for an achievement. Replay suggestions till you unlock [b][i]Not Sure How To Respond[/i][/b]. 10. Agree with Charlie in a debate that Piracy is wrong. That triggers an optional achievement. Supporting Piracy gives no achievement. These are the Key points where Optional Achievements kick in. I REPEAT AGAIN A VISUAL NOVEL ENEDS PATIENCE AND IS NOT EVERYONE'S CUP OF TEA! CARD FARMERS JUST PLAY THE GAME AS FARMING WILL TAKE 10 HOURS. You may actually end the game earlier. Achievement Hunters sorry but even with an auto mouse clicker, you won't get 100% easy due to choices and paths [You will get 100% BUT not as easy as some VNs these days]. You will need grind 3-5 hours with story and choices.
Review from 76561198015275441The writing and music are good. I found the characters and the premise of the story very interesting. The characters are quite likable and a lot of work went into making the facial expressions so detailed. There are plenty of humorous moments, especially when the boys interact with each other. It isn't what I expected when I first put it on my wishlist, but I enjoyed it tremendously and highly recommend this one.
Review from 76561198030872605There are plenty of Visual Novels for free with achievements if that's your thing. The skip feature wants your confirmation every time and there are A LOT of choices to skip & confirm if you're looking to finish out the 100%.
Review from 76561198043135631Some folks like it and some folks simply don't. I actually enjoyed the story of this cool game. To be honest: Most of the characters are ugly. From the love interest, only one of 'em I liked. That's kind of weird for a visual novel, though. Usually they do have more likeable characters. But hey, at least it did make the choices easier. The overall story really felt satisfying to finish. I even really enjoyed the ending of this game. Some achievements are annoying to achieve. But other than that: It is a good visual novel. And I have to give it my tiny positive review.
Review from 76561198110724142Didn't expext much from this game, but I liked it like A LOT. The game is very fun and cute. The characters are awesome! It was very interesting experience. Worth buying it.
Review from 76561198131283859[b][h1]Animal lover[/h1][/b] С этой игрой у меня долгое время не складывались отношения. Знание языка у меня на уровне «это я слышала в фильме» и «об этом я читала в Твиттере», так что тяжко было неимоверно. Думаю, и знающим язык «по книжкам» тоже будет нелегко. Английский тут разговорный, с огромным количеством слов-паразитов и жаргонных выражений. Причем, чем больше мальчишек MC превращает в людей, тем больше разных «говоров» вы услышите. И хотя это мне сильно понравилось (объясню в плюсах), но и увеличило нагрузку на мозг. Как так вышло, что я все же прошла игру… понятия не имею. Может, моя практика с другими играми помогла, а, может дело в том, что игра словно звала меня и… настал тот день… Не знаю. Но, факт остается фактом, я ее прошла и мне даже есть что сказать по этому поводу. [h1]Завязка[/h1] Главная героиня (Lucy по умолчанию) интерн в ветеринарной клинике. Однажды на прием ко врачу принесли хомячка. Главная героиня причмокнула животинку и… о, ужас, клетка в дребезги, а вместо хомячка появился голый мужчина. Дальше больше. Сначала бывший хомячок вспомнил, что видел другого заколдованного человека в виде кота. Потом обыскали пет-магазины нашли еще одного и далее, и далее. Бабка за дедку, дедка за репку… ну, вы в курсе как это бывает. Я лично восхищаюсь умениями главной героини решать проблемы по мере их поступления. А они с каждым разом все увеличивались. Ведь эту свору «бывших животных» нужно одеть, их нужно кормить и жить им тоже где-то нужно. Но она же любит животных, а значит и людей, что когда-то были животными. Бросить в беде не может. А беда-то та еще. Ведь превратила она их в людей лишь временно. Каждую ночь кто-то из парней превращается обратно в животное. Ох, уж эти оборотни… Стиль повествования самоироничный и легкий. Даже и не знаю, почему у меня возникло столько проблем с ее прохождением. Любовные интересы опишу в том порядке, как их находила главная героиня. [h1]Edmund The Seventh (хомячок)[/h1] Принц из какой-то уже давно несуществующей страны. Он пробыл в теле хомячка очень долго. Иногда говорят про 200 лет, иногда про 500. То ли разработчики не пришли к единому мнению, то ли контекст напрочь ускользнул от моего внимания. Хотя, я вроде понимала, что читаю… ЧудонО… Edmund милый, интеллигентный, галантный и во всех смыслах идеальный. Но, как известно, ничего идеального не бывает и червоточинка у него все же имеется. Но об этом он сам расскажет, причем на всех маршрутах. Так что услышите и не раз (пропуск там не работает, приходится снова и снова это просматривать). [h1]Frankie (котяра)[/h1] Frank из конца 50х прошлого века. Мои познания об Америке 50х годов ограничивается двумя частями «Назад в будущее» и фильмом «Плезантвиль». Так что судить о том, насколько достоверно разработчики изобразили данного персонажа, не возьмусь. Frank невероятно милый, воспитанный молодой человек. Очень любит маму. И ему нравится ремонтировать автомобили. Все это кажется до боли знакомым, но я никак не могу понять почему. [h1]Kyle (гиперактивный хорек)[/h1] Кайл из 70х. Называется себя панком. У парня изрядно затянувшийся подростковый бунт. Причем в 70е он бунтовал буквально против всего. А сейчас… он вроде как в полной прострации пребывает. Но его неугасимый огонек жизнелюбия и юмора, как клей, сплачивает всю компашку воедино. Делая их людьми, которые уже воспринимаются даже не как друзья, а как семья. Удивительный персонаж. С одной стороны он совершенно несерьзеный и наивный, а с другой не по годам мудрый (хотя он, наверное, и сам об этом не подозревает). Kyle особенный. Просто поверьте на слово. [h1]Miguel (добрый пес)[/h1] Miguel из середины 90х. Вот только для него это было не самое лучшее время, хотя он и не жалуется. При внешнем виде типичного качка, на самом деле у него до безобразия мягкий характер. Он совершенно неконфликтный, ставит эмоции другого человека превыше своих. К тому же о готовке может говорить часами. Мне было неловко проходить по этому маршруту. Katy (лучшая подруга MC) явно запала на Miguel’я. И это, вроде… как бы, ну… вы понимаете. [h1]Charlie (просто медведь)[/h1] Самый свеженький из проклятых. Он лишь год пробыл в шкуре животного и еще даже не успел это осознать. Так что для него год пролетел как миг. Charlie вспыльчивый, напористый и малость прижимистый. Ну, это вполне объяснимо. Если тебе приходиться брать на себя ответственность за еще четырех человек, денег не наберешься. [h1][b]Минусы[/b][/h1] - Отсутствие фоновых изображений (только стилизованные фотографии). Я понимаю, что BG очень дорогие и разработчики пошли по пути сокращения расходов. И в принципе, для не сильно искушенного игрока, и данные стилизованные фотографии сойдут. Но я заметила, и меня это довольно сильно раздражало. - Музыка сильно разнится по громкости. Приходилось постоянно регулировать громкость. Хотя можно было совершенно спокойно выключить звук. Музыка в игре невероятно однообразна и уныла. Увы, разработчики не уделили этому особо внимания. Даже среди бесплатных композиций можно найти гораздо более интересные варианты. - Нет возможности посмотреть открытые арты. И хотя их не так чтобы много, все же хотелось бы иметь возможность снова на них посмотреть, не перепроходя заново игру. - Довольно сложная система выхода на тот или иной маршрут. Да, можно тупо выбирать все, что вздумается, а потом пойти на «свидание» с понравившимся персонажем... Но это читерство! Да, и пропустите вы многое. Так что приходится игру перепроходить практически с самого начала, когда появляются первые выборы в сторону одного из двух и более персонажей. И да, интересно смотреть, как меняются диалоги. Не то чтобы сильно, но все же меняются. - Но все же главной проблемой игры я считаю ведьму. Да, в визуальных новеллах нужен отрицательный персонаж. Этакий громоотвод, чтобы история не казалась излишне приторной. Но человек не может быть злым по определению. Это слишком примитивно. И мстительная женщина, которая совершает зло под действием момента это тоже крайне примитивно. Вся история такая запутанная и созданию персонажей явно уделили много времени. Так что было бы неплохо, если бы и злодейка была бы немного глубже, что ли. Не такой плоской. Знаете… пуф, а там лишь дым. Грустно как-то. [h1][b]Плюсы[/b][/h1] - Стилистика речи персонажей меняется в зависимости от того, из какого они времени. Совершенно разные обороты речи. Разные слова используются. И даже жаргон разный. Приятно для разнообразия увидеть, что разработчики уделили внимание проработке не только визуальной составляющей персонажей, но и их речи. - Модельки персонажей. Причем всех. Мальчишки все как на подбор милахи. И их внешность и темперамент крайне соответствует тем животным, в шкуре которых они побывали. Да даже второстепенные персонажи запоминающиеся и яркие. Одна только ведьма чего стоит… - Главная героиня в кой-то веке не маленькая, миленькая, худенькая, безынициативная и всепрощающая. Это миловидная полненькая девушка без каких-то особенностей (ни тебе бантиков на волосах, ни ярких нарядов). Ее можно назвать приятной в общении и милой, не более. И в этом есть определенный шарм. - Предыстории. Я люблю предыстории. Они раскрывают персонажей. Позволяют лучше их понять. Разобраться в том, что они из себя представляют. И то, как персонажи рассказывают о своем прошлом. И то, как они пытаются скрыть свое прошлое... Все это тоже о многом говорит. Здесь это реализовано на 5+. Действительно интересно. [h1][b] Итого [/b][/h1] Не смотря на довольно внушительное список минусов, не смотря на то, что я совершенно точно не могу назвать игру идеальной, в ней есть довольно много интересного, философского и житейского. В ней нет излишнего мелодрамизма и приевшихся шаблонов. И в ней мир почему-то черно-белый. Может, потому что так воспринимает его ведьма. И все же… игра оставила после себя приятное послевкусие. А только это отличает хорошую игру от плохой.
Review from 76561198178290877Middling to okay effort on the story, but the narrative is too slow to start and then far too restrictive. You get A or B from each possible. Guess I just wanted to dive in more with the characters and world building - especially in a fantasy-esque game.
Review from 76561198013334509I got this game for $3.99 and to be honest, I was expecting literally nothing. The trailer isn't great, it looks from afar like it's going to be lame. But, well. I wish I'd paid full price for it, because this game is LEGIT. The writing is INCREDIBLE - like it's playful, smart, the heroine isn't a wilting bunny. The choices you make are often hilarious. (As an otome afficianado, if you will, I showed off some of them to people just to go LOOK THIS MADE ME LAUGH). The characters are great and well written, and how the ending few chapters are handled is just incredibly well done. I immediately told everyone who'd listen to me that they needed to play it. Also, I wasn't fond of the art from afar, but in game? It's super cute. It's clear the artist knows how a body works and chose to exaggerate it from that, rather than like in a lot of otome games where it's like they just vaguely know the human form. It's cartoony in a really cute way! And the CGs omg, they look like actual people smooching than weirdly shoving two face drawings together, and how they all admit their love is like...so CUTE. Heartily recommended!
Review from 76561198015974815Le jeu n'est pas terrible. L'histoire me laisse froide, la musique est insupportable par moment, les réactions du MC m'exaspèrent (elle a 12 ans ou quoi?). On a pas de sensation de progresser avec un personnage comme si seulement le dernier choix à la fin était pris en compte, pas d'écran pour collecter les CG, ou même les fins. Bref y'a mieux ailleurs.
Review from 76561197960494428bom
Review from 76561198436410124EHHHHhhhh i wanted to like it but man the writing felt? painfully? progressive? like in your face constantly, which i don't at all mind tackling issues but when it's distracting- it is... the characters all kind of blended in with each-other, personality wise? like this air about them they didn't feel like individuals to a certain extent i was looking forward to finally getting this game in my VN collection but i'm disappointed i don't want to discredit and undermine the author/team's hard work but iiiiiit bore me playing felt like a chore to push through just to peep if anything gets interesting a plus is that the artwork is stellar! the cartoony feel is very cute and the CGs are lovely not the VN for me BUT! some others might love it
Review from 76561198883809664Here's what Animal Lover is based on: feminism and people who support transgender people are evil. Feminists are angry women who have been hurt by men, and most of them have developed an extreme victimhood complex that leads them to lash out at perfectly normal, kind-hearted men who would never do anything wrong. I loved the premise written about on the blurb, I loved most of the story, but by the time it got to the ending finale, the villain made it clear that she violently hates men, to the point of abusing them, because a man broke her heart ~500 years ago, and not only did she NEVER get over it, she accuses the five guys of manipulating the MC into "fighting a battle that isn't even yours" (paraphrased, I can't remember the direct quote). She assumes that the only reason anyone could possibly want to show basic human decency to the guys is because the MC "obviously" has the hots for one of them. Because in her world, the only reason one could possibly have for not violently hating men is because one wants to bone them. The villain really is a "feminazi", as Charlie put it--a complete and total strawman of the 'evil feminist' who hates men, and frankly it was very hard to get over. She isn't contrasted against more reasonable feminists to show that she's just an extreme end--in the world of Animal Lover, there's only a binary option: either you're not a feminist at all, or you're an evil witch who abuses men because that's, apparently, what feminism is all about. Adding in the fact that her blog description includes pronouns, and the MC is clearly uncomfortable about this and says only "I'll explain it later" when Frankie questions it... Including pronouns is something that transgender people and allies of the transgender community do. And this is painted as bad, and another bad thing that the evil feminist does. So all in all, the whole game was a gruelling eight hours of "FEMINISM BAD. TRANS PEOPLE BAD. FEMINISM = ABUSE. FEMINISM BAD." I loved the boys, I loved the basic idea, but seeing people like me blown up into a caricature of hatred and evil.... To say nothing of how the REAL WORLD RELIGION Wicca is portrayed and routinely described as "fake".... I felt horrible playing this game, and I continue to feel horrible for having supported it with my own money. I played through to the end of one route, hoping beyond hope that there would be a light at the end of the tunnel, but it just kept turning the knife. Oh and one other thing that ought to be mentioned: MAJOR TRIGGER WARNINGS FOR SELF HARM AND SUICIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One of the main love interests LITERALLY KILLS HIMSELF. He gets better because magic, but one of the guys COMMITS SUICIDE DURING THE COURSE OF THE GAME. That's not something that people should just stumble into unprepared.
Review from 76561198282270930 This game has been on my wish list for months and I've been waiting patiently for it to go on sale, so when it did I jumped on the chance to buy it. I loved the story and everything about this game makes you want to continue playing even if you have other stuff you need to do. Finding out things of everyone's backstories was so interesting to me and it's one of the best visual novels I've played recently. You should buy this game :) !!!!
Review from 76561198044949801I’m really not sure what to think about [i][b]Animal Lover[/b][/i]! The plot itself sounded interesting as it was something a bit different so I really hoped it would show potential. Sadly, I was left feeling like the execution was lacking. The story starts off well and is full of humour, however, that disappears over time and by the end, I wasn’t finding anything funny anymore. It even got to a point where I felt as if the whole story was being dragged out with needless filler. The ending is very anticlimactic. One thing that bugged me very much throughout the game was how the MC found all of the guys in a perfect order – as in from the ones cursed the longest to the most recent. It felt like far too much of a coincidence that just wouldn’t sit quietly. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2000475679 The whole script could do with another proofread as there are numerous mistakes throughout the whole thing; at one point, the MC is seen as speaking when it’s clearly supposed to be just a description. I really didn’t understand why every character spoke as if they were a typical [i]valley girl[/i] either; the unnecessary use of the word [i]like[/i] constantly seemed really out of place, especially for some of the guys that had been cursed the longest. It might have made more sense if it were just the MC. This could also be the reason why I felt like none of the characters had a really strong personality – they all seemed to just... mush together. The [i]villain’s[/i] character just felt hollow. I had this overwhelming feeling she was literally there just to be ‘the bad guy’ for no reason whatsoever and that's it... She also appears to be an extreme feminist. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2001484500 One of the things I did like was that the guys were always around. I feel that in a lot of otomes where there are a big group of people in the common route, that once you are on a guy's route, everyone else either just disappears completely or takes a major back seat and let’s be real – that's just weird. Their decision to have no background music at all during certain scenes also felt really weird. I can only guess it was supposed to help with the atmosphere but the dead silence was more uncomfortable than anything. I really don’t know what it was about this game but it just didn’t absorb me into it. I often become drawn in and sympathetic to the characters in visual novels but this one just kept me feeling distant at all times which isn’t usually a good sign for something you read and are supposed to get engrossed in. So, like I said, an interesting sounding plot – poor execution sadly! I’m very glad I bought this when it had a 90% off sale as I don’t think it’s worth the full price! [h1][quote]𝐅𝐨𝐥𝐥𝐨𝐰 [url=https://store.steampowered.com/curator/33853800/]𝐎𝐭𝐨𝐦𝐞 𝐒𝐞𝐤𝐚𝐢'𝐬 𝐂𝐮𝐫𝐚𝐭𝐨𝐫 𝐏𝐚𝐠𝐞[/url] 𝐟𝐨𝐫 𝐦𝐨𝐫𝐞 𝐕𝐢𝐬𝐮𝐚𝐥 𝐍𝐨𝐯𝐞𝐥 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐉𝐑𝐏𝐆 𝐑𝐞𝐯𝐢𝐞𝐰𝐬[/quote][/h1]
Review from 76561198307908110I absolutely loved playing this game. There are certain things I'm not too terribly fond of for this game, but the positives definitely outweigh the negatives. I loved the characters designs for the game, and the characters were dynamic the whole way through. Just when I thought I knew a character, they completely changed on me and I learned something else about them. It wasn't excessive or too much, and everything I learned about the characters definitely fit within their personalities. The only exception to that would be Aadara. She was a good character, but her anger wore on me a bit after getting all the endings. I do understand why she did what she did, and being hurt the way she was definitely validates her anger, but she never wanted to move on from that, and it really wore on me by the very last ending. The story was super interesting and there was so much to play around with. While it did keep to the plotline, there were also times just to spend with the boys and get to connect with them all, and I loved that. They were unique situations within a modern world and I really liked all the care the creators put into this. The only qualm I had about the story is that as a completionist, I like sitting and going through games to get all the achievements all at once, and it took ages to get through all the endings and stories. But that's just me, and it certainly isn't a reason not to like a game. It was very clearly thought out very well and was executed wonderfully! This is definitely a game I would recommend playing (though it is geared more towards females) especially for the plot and the dynamic characters. Even though it would be a while before I do play it again (just because I have other games I want to play for now) I would absolutely play this again, and perhaps would go through all the endings again.
Review from 76561198050155817i don't think I have ever logged as many hours on a visual novel game, as I have with this one. It's incredibly easy to get invest in this story line, as well as the characters. 100% worth playing.
Review from 76561198072171198An absolutely fantastic VN with characters that feel like real people. I loved all the silly jokes about the different time periods, and watching the boys from the past adapt to present day. The common route was an absolute blast to read through, and the little romances and secrets about the boys were fascinating as well. [spoiler]No one is truly innocent, but that doesn't mean they're bad people.[/spoiler]
Review from 76561198139949553Adorable story line, longer than most visual story games I have played.
Review from 76561198065951654I don't know what I was expecting. I wasn't expecting to laugh my ass off. I wasn't expecting to enjoy the writing even more than the art. I certainly wasn't expecting to find a game that I wish I could literally just buy for everyone. I'm normally NOT into modern story settings for otomes OR games in general, but this game has captured my heart and I could play through it 100 times and still be entertained. Well worth the price of admission
Review from 76561198051194674Unlike a lot of the otome visual novels that I've played, this game focused way more on the plot than on the romance. That being said, it is 100% worth playing. The characters were much more like real people with real people problems than the ones in other stories. I felt more invested in the outcome of the story, even more so than the outcome of the romance, although that was good too. I don't think I'll probably play it again any time soon, but there's probably content I missed so, maybe eventually.
Review from 76561198015171654Animal Lover has a very cute concept for a VN. The characters are well written (mostly) and it's lengthy for those that like their VN's on the heftier side. Well, medium length I'd say. Anyway! It was fun to turn animals back into their human selves and uncover why they were like that and what they were going to do about it. I don't agree with the "main" love route however. I really didn't think Kyle was a good match for her considering how she read to me but... *shrugs* That's why there's multiple routes so you can pick who you like and let the ship sail! I also really dug the soundtrack. Give it a read sometime if you're looking for a new romantic VN to get into!
Review from 76561198066202521[h1][b]Animal Lover[/b][/h1] Animal Lover é um jogo otome, não é o que jogo normalmente, mas como ganhei de graça e resolvi jogar, até para fazer as conquistas e pegar as cartas. Animal Lover, apesar do nome não tem nada a ver com furries, é um simulador de namoro aonde Lucy encontra um hamster que na verdade é um homem que foi transformado em um animal e ela descobre que há outros iguais a ele e os dois saem em busca desses homens que foram transformados em animais através de uma maldição, e então você começa a se relacionar com um deles. Apesar de gostar de romances, Animal Lover não me despertou nenhum interesse, porém não posso dizer que o jogo é ruim, na verdade achei a escrita bem legal, cada um dos personagens possui uma diferença bem distinta na personalidade saindo um pouco do clichê como um “príncipe encantado” ou um “Bad boy”, existem diversos personagens, uma boa escrita. A arte é que deixa um pouco à desejar, porém não acho a arte ruim, pelo contrário acho que se encaixa muito bem no jogo. Como disse não é o que normalmente jogo e o jogo em si não me despertou nenhum interesse a não ser pelas cartas e por ser fácil pegar 100% das conquistas, porém joguei o jogo do início ao fim e não posso deixar de reconhecer que é um bom jogo (Para aqueles que gostam), se você gosta de jogos otomes acredito que vá gostar bastante. [b]Nota: [u]7/10[/u][/b]
Review from 76561198413124953Me ha gustado mucho, la historia me ha parecido muy original e interesante, también es muy graciosa, entretenida y sobre todo me gusta mucho como al final te deja pensando sobre muchas cosas como que nadie es perfecto, todo el mundo comete errores y hace cosas de las que se arrepiente en algún momento, pero lo importante es darse cuenta de esos errores, aprender de ellos y tratar de ser una mejor persona en el futuro. También me gusta como tratan el tema del perdón y el resentimiento, te muestran que realmente no es sano obsesionarse tanto con las cosas que te hicieron daño en el pasado ni tampoco lo es tratar lastimar constantemente a alguien que te lastimo a ti. Lo único que no me gusto de este juego es que los personajes tienen una gran cantidad de expresiones pero no tienen ni una sola donde estén sonrojados!!! no es algo TAN importante pero realmente me hubiera gustado ver a los chicos con una cara así.
Review from 76561198332751997GAMEPLAY: ( )parece que eu to controlando uma batata (x)é ruim mas da pra jogar ( )é boa ( )é muito boa ( )é mais facil de controlar que o meu proprio corpo PLAYERS: (x)um bot joga melhor que eles ( )sabem como mira ( )as vezes fazem cagada ( )boa comunica??o e sabem manter um bom jogo ( )parece que Einstein n?o morreu HISTORIA: ( )nem tem ( )é uma bem porca (x)tem uma historia até que longa ( )quantos livros fizeram até chegar no jogo? GRAFICOS: (x)pc da xuxa ( )um i5 ja roda ( ) tem que ter placa de video ( )q lindu °_° ( )pika das galaxia MULTIPLAYER: (x)é só campanha ( )a campanha é o mais importante ( )tem conteudo nos dois ( )a campanha só serve pra falar q tem ( )é só multiplayer DIVERSÃO: ( )é só pra quebrar o teclado ( )kct de jogo dificil ( )desafiador (x)facil ( )vc tem que olhar pra tela REALISMO: (x)o maluco voa ( )da pra tirar uma pira ( )pqp de onde eu to levando tiro ( )mais real q a vida real TEMPO DE JOGO: (x)abri o jogo e ja tava no fim ( )umas 20 horas até ficar repetitivo ( )tem que jogar com amigos pra durar ( )da pra jogar por bastante tempo ( )não da pra parar de jogar
Review from 76561198111029487Whew! This has been the longest seven hours OF MY LIFE! Now I'll keep this brief. Overall I would say it's an okay read, very fun in some places. But it goes on for waaaaaaaaay longer than it should, and by the end you're just slogging through it. Some of the text is redundant (for example, in dialogues you often have to sit through 5 characters going hi-hi-hi-hi-hello or i agree-yep-me too-i'm in-let's do it, etc). Repetitions are rampant, especially if you're going for a one man's route and opting to spend time with him every time you're given that choice. I had to sit through Frankie's backstory and the tale of his wrongdoings at least twice for both instances. Some of the writing is cringy as hell and gives off that "bad fanfiction" vibe, especially in the beginning. The MC's "omg such a GORGEOUS NAKED MAN" in the circumstances under which she encounters said man made me wonder if she has ever seen a man before. (Repeat that for at least two more of those naked men.) The romance is sweet. Well, at least the one route I went for is. The romance-to-other content ratio is like 1:100, if you care about such things in your dating sims. (that's a very legit calculation and 100% not made up I promise) Personally, I'm not going to be replaying this one and going for any other routes or achievements. But the game gets a thumb up from me. For effort. ALSO, if you are in any degree sensitive to some political topics, then be warned because this game heavily explores such themes (whether the execution is good or bad I honestly can't tell). It has to be said, because it's what the main plot is based on. Just putting it out there, in case you, I don't know, haven't read other reviews!
Review from 76561198286453290So this game is excellent in more ways then one, you play as a girl who doesnt have her life together and ends up meeting these pets who are not exactly pets (trying not to spoil) and choosing which one of them you like most throughout the story. I must admit as someone who loves games like this. I struggled quite hard between who i liked most. For me its a battle between the Edmund, Miquel and Frankie and trust and believe i still cant choose.
Review from 76561198052853330This is just your typical girl meets five attractive men cursed in the form of animal stories. ;) Seriously though, it is a sweet sfw romance that manages to look at casual misogyny over time and ask questions about grudges and forgiveness. I really like the main character Lucy, which is rare in otome games. She's kind and smart and wants to be a vet (like I did... she even kinda looks like I did at her age). The boys are different enough to appeal to most tastes, though the game is not really long enough to get to know them more than superficially. The romance with Kyle is my favorite and also the most painful. It's not a perfect game : the art is a bit rough (though it grew on me) and the seven story paths are not different enough for my tastes, but I had fun. I also appreciate the Fruits Basket reference.
Review from 76561198071866426It's really, really quite good. I like 4/5 of the guys, and think overall, this visual novel was surprising, and in really good ways. I think the only complaints I can give are that there are very few CG, the music is average, and that the routes kinda play out the same for each guy, which is a shame considering one of the characters. However, it's still a really, really good game with fantastic characterization, enjoyable depth, and well-rounded guys!
Review from 76561198030019017I was looking froward to this game for awhile. Now I'm not sure what to say about this game, I quite liked a lot about it and did enjoy playing it. However the message of the game is a bit iffy, and I wasn't sure what exactly the developers intent was. I think the antagonist was by far the best character, but all the characters in this game are actually terrible people. There were a few times I felt uncomfortable about choices I had to make, and afterwards I just felt disappointed. As I said, there were things I did enjoy so overall I don't think it's a bad game.
Review from 76561198041268317nice and casual, wish i would enjoy it more - You will get reminded that the main character is their own person who tries to be politically/socially neutral at most times, while the games present some political/social topics - the antagonist is very gorgeous and cool, but you can't date her - the romance scenes and "i love you" talks come really fast, though you know the LIs for like 3 weeks + cute graphics + bunch of funny jokes + very casual but still emotional
Review from 76561198265420081Long DIalogs. Very long. I had a couple of laughts, it has some nice graphics but not a lot of very romantic moments with the characters. The whole Story is very silly and the reasoning for all the actions of the characters have almost zerso sense as if they are told by a 16 year old teenanger girl. You cant re-visit any of the pictures that you get if there are any at all. Serously. Cursing someone for life for slapping their ass ? suicide because a friend grew up ? I had better visual novels cheaper or for free. wasted money, sorry..
Review from 76561198089996069I love VN's most of my steam library is VN's. I tired to get into this one, the humor didn't land with me at all. I also found it so wordy, as in saying a lot without really saying anything at all. Its a shame as i had high hopes but now i'm just getting bored reading through the text it feels like a chore. I see i'm the minority in my views which is fine. I just feel like the story could be condensed down, i was hoping to finish before i reviewed but i'm giving up and hoping their other game suits me better.
Review from 76561198295316481Animal Lover is a refreshing, hilarious dating sim with a diverse and interesting cast of bachelors to romance. With a charming art style and it's cutting wit, Animal Lover brings flavor to the otome/dating sim genre that has been lost between many other bland titles. Especially considering the price reduction since it's release, this game is well worth the $10 you would spend on it. +PROs+ Good art with a lot of personality. Good soundtrack. Engaging, humorous writing. Attractive, diverse, and relatable cast of characters. Interesting, emotionally involving narrative. -CONs- Not a TON of replayability. Majority of the story is the common route. Somewhat short. If you catch this game on sale, and are a fan of dating sims, this one should be a no brainer. If it's not on sale, it's still well worth picking up. You might cry, by the way. It's funny and then it hurts. It hurts good. ;-;
Review from 76561198826374239PLEASE MAKE A SEQUEL!!! I LOVED this game! The humor was perfect, the dialogue was super natural and flowed well, and the story overall was very relatable. It wasn't so out there that it's ridiculous, and it wasn't too normal to be boring. I could feel that a lot of thought and effort had been put into it. I really loved it and it left me hungry for more! I'll tell you right now, if you make another, i'll buy it in a heartbeat! (Even for twice the price lol). I only request more cgs and sexy time~ I think the only think this game may have been lacking in, is the number of cg's and artwork. I'd love to see more artistic expression. Maybe even adding a blush effect during the normal dialogue. But if it meant a sequel I wouldn't mind if they were forgone completely. I highly recommend this game for anyone and everyone. It's a FANTASTIC buy.
Review from 76561198315596509I didn't go into this game with great expectations, but I was really surprised by how much I enjoyed the story. The artwork was great, and the soundtrack where it exists is good, but I did find there were long stretches where the sound had ended and there was no ambient music or anything and it was just a little *too* quiet. Like some of the other reviewers I was perplexed by the theistic question thrown into the game and the available answers (it's in the screenshots at the top on the store page). I don't think it really adds anything? I also got an error near the end on my first run-through which was rather jarring (an exception occurred)- it managed to reload to where I'd left off from but it took me out of the story somewhat. In my opinion the game also lacks a bit of realism (yes I'm talking about realism in a game where a bunch of guys have been transformed into animals) with regards to the relationship development- that aspect of it happens over a really short space of time which felt a little too fast. Overall though, I really enjoyed this game- got 9 amused hours out of it in the end which made it great value- and I'll certainly look into anything this Dev creates in the future.
Review from 76561198141068756I can't recommend this game to any religious persons. At one point during the story, you have to admit that God doesn't exist or that God is dead. This is a direct jab at judeo-christian religions. You must select either one of these negative answers to continue. This also has NO effect on the story. It is literally like the developer wanted to be cruel to people with religious preferences, to get them to deny their faith. I can forgive a lot of things in games (like nudity which didn't exist) but I actually feel guilty from playing this game. I will not purchase from this developer again.
Review from 76561198030940137I was pretty surprised how much I laughed, and how enjoyable this was. Tackles some issues that not everyone is going to enjoy in a romance game, but I liked it. Also had fun getting the hilariously named achievements.
Review from 76561198052581555I actually really like this game. The characters have actual personalities, and I like how the story plays out with them, and the interactions. The art of all the characters(save one, to me) are all great, and even the character I am not a fan of style/look wise is still well drawn. The only real downsides to me are there arent' achievements for each character's ending/a way to fully keep track of that, and no CG gallery to check what all you've unlocked. It DOES get fun achievements for doing certain silly choices/tasks throughout the game though, which was a nice touch. The game is definitely worth it in my opinion though, even though I've had to keep a written tab on what i've done, to try to see it all. It's worth it/
Review from 76561198121219566Lovely visual novel which manages to have 10 hours of content and not turn boring. The art style appealed to me and that is what got me interested in the game, saw it on indiegala in a bundle and jumped head first in, i definetly did not regret it. The art style never dissapointed me, it's very cute, fits with the story The story and dialogue also feels like it wants to tell a story BUT doesn't take itself too seriously, the jokes don't fall flat, the characters all have their own personalities, hopes and wishes. Overall, i would say that this game is worth the buy even at full price, but i would wait for any kind of sale as well.
Review from 76561198097552862okay, I need to sum this up as best as a I can without it being just me wanting to cry. I got Kyle's good ending and boy, was that a heart breaking moment. Ive had alot of heart breaking moments, and boy. was that one of them... this was a well done game, and i'll admit, i used some internet searching because I was afraid of certain choices i would make, most of the choices that were suggested were ones I wouldve made orignally, so boy did that wash away some thoughts. I cried. I cried alot. I have feelings. and I wanna vomit these feelings.
Review from 76561198388448086I wasnt expecting much when i started plaing it. now is one of my favorites. I love the story, i couldn stop playing it until i finded a way to help them. thanx for this lovely game.
Review from 76561198241671168good story, great characters, loved Kyle from the moment i saw him in the trailer and not disapointed~ definitely recommend~~
Review from 76561198200489242I loved playing this game. Debated getting this, but ended up just getting it and was totally worth it. Love the characters in the game. One of the better Visual Novels I seen and played.
Review from 76561198027267313Tags: Adventure - VN - Visual Novel Additional Tags: Delete Local Content & Remove from Library TLDR: Odd clash of tones. Werekind stray pets. Social attitudes on gender norms. Having to pay bills. Defeating a witch. Play once and discard. Fairly linear harem otome VN about a vet caring for a group of werepets. Well structured, multiple endings and romance paths, lighthearted but solid writing. Game takes a while to introduce all the characters and get the main arc of the story going. There is basically only one main questline and few opportunities to engage with scripting that affects the ending. The audiovisual presentation is fairly good for a Visual Novel. The writing has a teeny boppy tone to it and tackles head on gender issues in a manner that hints at a progressive slant. However if you give the game a chance to expunge on itself you'll see that the author does have a fairly nuanced understanding of how the multiple character's backgrounds affect affect their sensibilities and the whole thing is handled rather gracefully. In other words, the writing has warnings signs of becoming heavy handed but the author usually makes a save by either showing empathy or complexifying the subject matter to show multiple angles or perspectives or on rarer occasion simply winks at the player indirectly to confirm that he knows what he is doing and you could be so charitable as give him a pass (e.g. the anti game piracy blurb mid-game) The story has 13 chapters the first 5 of which involve meeting one new character at a time, it becomes a bit formulaeic and feels like its going nowhere fast, but by the time the last character sets in, there is a transition away from the main character, and the group dynamic takes over which allows you appreciate the characters better as you see them interact with each other. There is an odd focus on how people need to have jobs, pay bills, and whatnot which is refreshingly down to earth for such a fantasy premisce but more player option on how the main character reacts or feels around such issues would had been appreciated. Likewise with dialogue options which more often tha not were not present and the engine simply let you know what the main character's reaction was, which helped keep a self consistent narrative and avoided the game repeating itself or ommiting too many important plot points by branching itself out too much. While the game is no literary masterpice, its very surprisingly entertaining and the core of the story is relatable as it handles its emotional and psychological themes fairly well. It was especially interesting to see how the author had to take a casual, relaxed, and open handed approach to the narrative, with its odd furry-like themes. While at the same time still berating the character from the fifties about his treatment of women. Oddly enough to game does come to sort of... reverse white knight for the animalguys as they are character assassinated, and ultimately victim blamed by the witch for being cursed. You start making out reasons why they are innocent, and depending on the choices through the game, this can be a sincere, or somewhat hollow moment. I think there is a lot of layers to Animal Lover, but in the end I dont sense that it really had anything to say. The canon ending is by far the one that gives the most narration closure, which vaguely implies that it is the one sanctioned by the author. But that is to bond with the character who has the least care to give about anything that is happening. I do not think I would really want to replay it again. It has its positives and kept my interest while I was reading in diagonal through the dialogue and options but ultimately I do not think it brings enough to the table to really justify enshrining in permanent library.
Review from 76561198089611316[h1]Animal Lover[/h1] É um indie de simulação de encontros, [spoiler]tem nudez masculina e putaria demais[/spoiler]. [u][b]Bom para platinar, mas não tem cartas[/b][/u]
Review from 76561198063117447申! 摸! 贵!
Review from 76561197966714931Very funny. Also sad. This VN has some great emotions and distinct, authentic characters. Also the variety of facial expressions makes it feel so much more alive. I liked that you can save the game whenever you want and play around with the different options presented to you. Of course, not every single decision you make is meaningful for the outcome of the story. Not every possible ending is equally satisfying. In fact, [spoiler]the "intended" ending (according to the achievement) is really the best one, if you ask me[/spoiler]. The whole story is more about friendship and less about flirting and dating than I personally expected. And I totally did not shed a tear at any point of the story.
Review from 76561198011157114Cute and funny. 10/10
Review from 76561198213236443"Animal Lover" starts with potential but ultimately falls short I'll start with some of the things I think positively of. The art doesn't look anime and the characters all have distinct builds from one another it's not a copy paste of the same characters with different skin color and hair. Art wont blow you away with how amazing it is or anything but it looks good and original and I like these character designs some less than others but that's obviously going to be a personal taste thing but I feel the females were lacking in comparison to the males. The personalities of the boys are great they feel human they are lovable they can make you feel sympathetic or angry they have flaws and they have very big and dramatic problems that unfortunately you will not see the conclusion of. All the good parts of the game are all connected to the boys they have the good writing and the start of good character development that you wont see the conclusion of. Protagonist girl or playable character aka you also start off good and strong. Many visual novels I feel don't give the PC a personality or character so the player can better place themselves in the story which never goes well because that character becomes a blank nothing who everyone likes not for who they are but for what that character can do for them that is if the character can do anything. Otherwise its usually a bland blank nothing who the boys (or girls) need to protect from someone or something usually “the plot”. Luckily "Animal Lovers" Lucy (the PC) has a personality and is likable I can believe that some of these boys might like her. However here is where I started to worry (and rightfully so) all of the boys lie to Lucy at a certain point. Now the fact that they lied isn't bad writing what is bad is Lucy's reaction to the lie which I mean the very blatant poorly hidden lie goes over her head. Not only does she believe what is an obvious lie but a lie that's insulting to her and all other females which occurs when they tell how they ended up in their current cursed to animals predicament. They all say different variations of the same lie an easy way to have fixed this would be for Lucy to have been insulted and called them out on the lie going along the lines of "Hey hot boys you don't have to tell me the truth but don't tell me that you opened a door for some lady and she then lost her S*** cursed you forever you lot obviously goofed up don't tell me that girls are just crazy b*****s because I'm also a girl jack wads" or some kind of reaction or acknowledgment of the insult/lie but as I said she just says okay and goes with it being a bit out of character of Lucy and making her seem dumb. The lie is quite relevant to the plot and the payoff is good but it was handled really poorly. Speaking of the antagonist “Aadara” someone whom the game does an actual pretty good job of building up followed by an interesting first encounter (that should have made it obvious to Lucy that the boys lied) the antagonist Aadara is a woman who as far as we know has been around forever born in a time where females were treated less as human and closer to objects. Living from back then to present time has shaped her she is someone who can simultaneously be reasonable and unreasonable I like the idea of this character and the execution is okay just not really much to say about it maybe a bit too reasonable considering her actions. Which is a shame because she could have easily been the most memorable character but the reason why she doesn't really work for me is tied to the largest problem in this game has but first I need to mention the side characters. There are five of them I believe Lucy's best friend who is less a character and more there because "the plot" the game forgets her as soon a shes not on screen, Lucy's mom who doesn't actually show up is just a reason the boys cant live with Lucy so once again "the plot" just needed something, a wizard who is there because "the plot" but ends up being unnecessary could have been cut, Mick who actually has an effect on one of the boys personally, and there is PC's boss more a background character than anything which is the problem of these side characters the game treats them as background characters. Back to the boys they have all been taken from their proper places in time and have been trapped in the present the sudden loss of their loved one's, their entire world, their identity and now all of the rules are different. This is acknowledged by the boys and they say it will be very difficult they will have to deal with after the current and very pressing issue of turning into animals forever is resolved. Well instead of doing that the game ends where the real meat of the story should have begun. Where the distraction of the fantasy and magic ends and the harshness and trials of their new reality begins the game just ends. I'll get back to the ending (easily distracted here) the five boys are well written even though your time with them on screen is too short they are adorable. Fanservice of the male sex is rare to see in video games in fact you don't really see it much anywhere (maybe some superhero films) but it's here censored of course after all ladies seeing a pair of balls larger than our own might offend some of us guys cause that's too gay. Now I'm sure the absurdly sized water balloon like breast in every anime, visual novel (not this one), and say 7 in 10 video games doesn't bother you. As well as the females constantly being put into positions where nude or near nude and being looked at or touched against their will us guys are sure that doesn't make you or anyone else uncomfortable because it's not like being molested is a disgusting and traumatizing thing to happen to anyone. Sarcasm aside girls and some of us guys it's time to praise the sun because the boys are here and naked they are ken dolls but take whatever little manly fanservice the sun gives and RUN before it takes it away. There are genuinely funny and heartfelt moments in this game really things fall apart at the end Lucy even has her eyes closed at one of the more important parts relating to the ending Lucy opens her eyes and everything is resolved the end what caused Aadara's change of heart was it guilt, rage, acquiescence? We will never know because Lucy had her fudging eyes closed so we couldn't see her face. Going back a little at a certain point one of the boys will ask Lucy out and she will say yes you can of course influence which boy by choosing who to spend time with but it all feels rather abrupt especially since the ending isn't far off. This game is short and the only reason to buy it is the boys luckily they are excellent the have great chemistry not only with Lucy but with each other. The story fall short and your time with the boys is cut too short and the backgrounds are all photos with a filter. I've been harsh but the good here is very good and it makes the parts that aren't cut that much deeper. If you want to start a relationship with adorable sincere boys and a story about the supernatural, second chances and how to treat others. Just know that the story ends not on a cliffhanger so much as the train stopped at it's destination and where your journey should begin was nothing but the ride on the train was pleasant enough. I may not like this game on a whole but there are parts I like enough that I am looking forward to whatever “Trainwreck Studios” makes next. I have a respect for the devs I'm just hoping their next game isn't a just a train wreck with huggable boys. Now if only steam would stop recommending visual novels where 80% of the characters face is their giant deformed eyes.
Review from 76561198074376002Honestly one of the best games I've played in a while. I loved all of the characters and made sure to play for each ending. I have yet to get all of the achievements, but I only have one or two left and they aren't difficult to get. This game was very well written. I laughed and cried over this game. Frankie was my first choice, but after finishing the entire story, I had to go for Kyle. Then I just said what the heck and went through all of the guys' stories. All the characters are well thought out and actually feel real and not cliche or boring like some games. I wanted to know all of their stories and usually that's not the case for games like this. Seriously, this game is amazing. If you were unsure whether you should buy this or not...do it. You'll love it as much as I did.
Review from 76561198038546601I was unsure about this game at first, but I saw someone play through one of the paths and I was hooked. I bought the game, and I have to say I absolutely enjoyed the writing. No the game isn't voiced and there aren't a lot of cgs, but the game makes up for it in how the story plays out and how well the characters are written. Most of the otome games I've played have a relatively blank protagonist or once you get on a guy's path, you don't see much of the other guys. Not true for this game. The protagonist has her own feelings and reasons for acting the way she does and the guys all react to each other and get involved with what's happening. Even the antagonist has believable reasons for their behavior. For the price, I definitely suggest this game to anyone who likes otome.
Review from 76561198135438892Very nice game
Review from 76561198043957103I just finished this game and it's fantastic! The characters, story, and writing are great. It's such a fun concept. I can't count how many times I genuinly cracked up laughing. It has just the right amount of heartbreak and covers some serious topics really well in my opinion. I can't recommend Animal Lover enough! :)
Review from 76561198361823467Cute guys, good story 11/10 (͠≖ ͜ʖ͠≖)
Review from 76561198277384843I'm not afraid to describe this game as the most hilarious vis novel I've ver played, It's ridiculous sometimes but it's intentional and the characters call themselves out on it and I just loved it. The art style is definitely cute but seeing the characters as sexy as they are supposed to be took some getting udes to. I definitely appreciate the MC who's not only a three dimensional character with her own feelings and opinions (unlike in many similar games) but also likable. The little bit of extra weight you've thrown on her also really hit the spot with me. I woudn't mind some updates, though that seems unlikely, because the main romance route kind of gets a lot more weight than the other ones. I still did all the routes obviously but my personal main one was not with Kyle and while his story still worked well with him only as a friend, I sort of wished a little more drama sprinkled on my boo Frankie too. All in all a very good visual novel which I can't say about many. Maybe two now. ***SPOILER AHEAD*** Also I totally called that mah doggy boi is bi af. The flag on his shirt?! I was reaaally hoping they'd come through with it when I saw it and was noooot dissapointed :) thank you!! (don't be cowards and say the word "bi" next time, don't worry!)
Review from 76561198133714027I got this game on a whim. It looked cute, had an interesting premise, and the guys were cute along with a really unique artstyle. After laughing my literally butt off throughout the whole experience, I can safely say this is one of my favorite VNs ever. It's not as romantic as some other otome games, but honestly, I find myself not really caring. The humor and interactions between all the characters feel so dang real and I found myself naturally coming to care for all of the guys, regardless of which route I went down. They're all so unique and mesh so well together (yes, even Kyle) and even the romances, no matter how little romance there actually is, feels so natural. I loved every moment playing this game and I'm sure I'll always love booting it up for another playthrough for years to come. If you want a funny experience that can turn and smack you in the face with feels when you least expect it, this is the game for you.
Review from 76561198164345642If you're interested in this game at all, I would 100% say you should buy it. It's quirky, funny, and also just the right amount of heartbreaking for it to feel real and meaningful. The art style is unique, cute, and pleasing to the eye, and the writing is very well done as well. I got so attatched to these characters while playing that I found myself tearing up when they were sad or squealing when they were happy (or when a certain someone told me he loved me...) I'm not sure what else to say except buy this wonderful game <3
Review from 76561198166540469gOD I love this game. Cartoony art may not be your cup of tea for otomes/Visual novels but it'll grow on you, you know, and the writing is well worth it. So worth it, English writers writing visual novels is a great experience!!!! Get this game i laughed my living socks off and had tears on my eyes from laughing at some point!! :D ( ´•̥̥̥ω•̥̥̥` )
Review from 76561198164972135Pros: +Interesting story that doesn't get you bored easily (at least the first time you play it) +Likable characters +It seemed like it had a pro-feminist message but without turning misandrist. I love feminist stories but I get annoyed when they're sometimes too anti-male. This one seemed like it had a nice balance of being pro-feminist but without demonizing the guys. Cons: -Almost no replay value. All routes are pretty much the same and the only thing that changes is the guy you end up with. -Most choices you make don't even really matter. -I wasn't a huge fan of the art style. -Despite the tag, the game actually has no sexual content. There are better visual novels out there, but it's still decent if you have nothing else to play.
Review from 76561198244387248I really don’t know how to even begin reviewing this game, so... here goes nothing, I guess! I really loved this game. Absolutely, positively LOVED it! I love the soundtrack. I adore the art! And each character is so unique in their character design. I love all of the characters in this game. Every single one! Even the “villain.” I love them all. The creators of this game just made awesome characters and made them feel so alive! So real. It’s awesome when you find a game like this one where the characters in the story are just so well done and well-rounded and yeah… I can’t say enough about how awesome the characters in this game are. And I really do love them all, which is also rarer. I mean, you usually don't like at least one character in a game for some reason or another, but not this one! Or at least not for me. The game feels so casual and yet there’s still plenty of drama and humor... and some angst. There is one point in the game that most definitely needs a [b]TRIGGER WARNING[/b] included. I’ll still put it behind spoilers for those who really, really don’t want anything spoiled…. but yeah… [spoiler]Kyle commits suicide. It all turns out okay. He comes back and is alive at the end, but yeah…[/spoiler] It’s really heart-wrenching and potentially triggering. It was for me. I absolutely fell apart when it happened. For those of you who didn't read the spoiler, just be prepared going into Chapter Fifteen. I wish I had known beforehand what was going to happen. Like I literally had to stop playing the game because I was sobbing so hard and then was too scared to continue the game to see what happened next. I mean, obviously, I completed the game, several times even to see each guy's route… I just thank the developers for Skip Mode because I just could not handle seeing that again. Once was enough. Anyway! The game has great re-playability to see everyone’s story, but it’s a bit tedious. Not a whole lot of the story itself changes, which makes back-to-back playthrough a bit of a chore, but finding out each guys’ story really is worth it. Each story is so unique and really makes you feel for the guys. And plus seeing how each guy’s love route plays out is nice, but I was equally as curious as to how each guy got cursed as to how the romance route would play out. Each route is amazing! All in all, I give this game a million likes and thumbs ups and kudos and just… yeah, I love this game and recommend it to everyone! (Just be aware of the trigger warning, seriously guys.)
Review from 76561198006563527Animal Lover ist ein Visual Novel um ein Mädchen das einen Ferienjob bei einer Tierärztin annimmt, einen Hamster küsst (warum auch immer) und der sich in einen nackten Prinzen verwandelt. Sie findet das offenbar gut, denn sie küsst danach noch mehr Tiere die sich auch in nackte Männer verwandeln. Klingt nach "Animal Shades of Grey für kleine Mädchen aber naja. Abgesehen von der Story haben wir hier wieder das oft gesehene Mischmasch aus bearbeiteten Fotos als Hintergrund und Mangastil-Figuren im Vordergrund. Ein typisches Visual Novel das ich im Mittelfeld des Genres platzieren würde. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=903bKfVG-Ps
Review from 76561198057468722Best VN I've ever played, honestly! The protagonist was nice and not this uber beautiful Mary Sue type character. Instead she was real. I loved that. The boys were all cool, too. I usually dislike at least one of the options in VNs, usually more than that. This time around I actually WANTED to explore all the options and see where they lead. I wish the individual routes had been longer and that there had been more CGs but, that is just because I loved it so much and there couldn't ever have been enough of it! I still have to play Kyle and Edmund, but I just know I'll love their routes as well. The humor in this was REALLY awesome. The story had me laugh out loud a bunch of times. Totally up my alley. And the story also made me cry once, which no VN ever managed, so kudos for that! I totally felt like I neatly fit into the demographic for this :D Really well done!!!!!
Review from 76561198803362177This is a beautiful game. I just stayed up all night to finish Frankie's route and I almost cried actual tears. The art, music, characters, and story were all absolutely incredible... I guess it's time for me to go out and recommend this game to every person I know. I wish I could give the artists and developers all the money I have
Review from 76561198011237505I've been playing this game, two hours at a time, for several weeks. When I say several, I mean like.. eleven weeks. This has given me a lot of time to process. Yes, I received this game from PR -- but that's never really mattered to me when it came to being critical. Visual Novels nowadays seem rather pedantic and they almost seem built to be cheap little one-man-shows where the writer monologues you until you're passing out from the pretentiousness. This game is not that. In fact, this game is written with such a love for comedy and yet realistic drama which is wrapped around a fantasy story in which a girl kisses animals and sprouts enchanted young men. The artwork is close to the chest and done with an innocent love for these characters. It's bright, it's darling and not even remotely your typical fare. If you can get past some of the repetetive explanations of their plight to each new character they encounter, Animal Lover will take you on an emotional journey on getting to know people outside of your typical comfort zones. The lead character grows before your eyes, which is thanks to the writer and those characters that look so light-hearted and cute, start to develop slowly but surely as you fight your way through this complicated situation thrust upon an everyday person. So, if you have several hours to devote to dialogue that Kevin Smith would salivate over and you want artwork that is endearingly sweet and perfected for their story -- get this game. Get this game, mull over its many choices and its romances and then share it with your friends. TL;DR -- I played Dream Daddy for four hours and never went back. This game, however, has captured my heart and allowed itself a dozen hours of my time to this point. Get it and dig deep.
Review from 76561198255565602I really enjoyed playing this game! The art was good, the music was well placed, and it was well written. I wish it could have touched on the romance aspect a bit more, because what I did get I liked. It dealt with complicated issues in a manner that I felt was pretty respectful. There were some times when I was a little dubious, but there were no major issues. Honestly, the way it handled the main antagonist was much better than I was expecting. I kind of held my breath the entire way there in the first play through, and there were some routes I was more satisfied with how it was handled than others, but that's just part of playing a multi-ending visual novel. I enjoyed the voice the character was given and the chance to make so many choices. Normally it annoys me if there are many choices that don't really impact the outcome of the game, but it felt like it gave life to the protagonist and I liked that I didn't always have to agree with the boys to have them like me. A lot of this game builds up a friendly rapport and allows you to get comfortable with everyone before making a final choice. You also get to see a lot of interaction between characters outside the protagonist and their chosen love interest, which I enjoyed. I have some issues with the way Charlie was handled, but I think part of it is me wishing I enjoyed him more as a character. [spoiler]Personal opinion is that his was definitely the most lackluster route and the least satisfying. I was actually pretty annoyed with the way he handled his personal conflicts. [/spoiler] TLDR: Overall, this is a great game, and I'd really recommend it. Good art, music, writing. Nice plot that delves into deeper issues pretty well. A lot of interaction with the characters, but not a lot of romance. Edit Edit: [spoiler] JK, apparently they all can confess and I was just consistently saying all the wrong things. So that pretty much clears that issue up.[/spoiler] [spoiler]I get that the antagonist is handling things really poorly, but it just sort of bothers me that... there's no real way to help her move past it or feel better? Like, I understand why the narrative is the way it is. It's just, I wish that, because of all she's gone through, there was some real comfort for her at the end. And it really bothers me that the only ending where she gets that comfort is through like, continued male violence, and like... against her will. [/spoiler] TLDR: [spoiler]Treating the antagonist nicer, all things considered, would really up my enjoyment of the game.[/spoiler]
Review from 76561198347675413Honestly, I really enjoyed this game! There's a few minor things I was expecting more from it though (such as more endings, a tad more content on each route and a skip button for already read text, instead of skipping everything) but apart from those things there's quite a bit to like about this game. I (like most others, probably) instantly fell in love with all of the characters, they each have their little quirks and it's pretty easy to see the different decades of time they came from. It's hard for me to pick a favorite too. In general I liked the characters and music the most, I've got to admit I even weeped a tear during one scene (while most others I was quietly screaming over how cute these boys were?!). If you're looking to have a minor heart attack over attractive guys then this game is definitely what you're looking for.
Review from 76561198043609661MY OPINION OF THIS GAME IS: Overwhelmingly positive. PROS - Frankie is good - They're All Good Boys Actually - Really makes ya think - Surprisingly Cathartic CONS - Doesn't have furries - Let me date Aadara I'm bad at writing serious reviews, but this game is fun, Take It From Me, An Internet Stranger.
Review from 76561198298582255It's an amazing game with a wonderful soundtrack and since it's Winter sale is 50% off I decided it would be appropriate to finally review it! I've done all of the routes and honestly can't get enough of it! The art totally fits my aesthetic, the dialog is enriching with a smart sense of humor. Whatever expectations you hold for this game doesn't matter since this has something for everyone, I very much reccomend this game!
Review from 76561198175426222[h1]I love this visual novel. A must play/read for any VN fan.[/h1] It may seem to be a little off putting by seeing animals, but it's only about dating the men who were animals. Not dating the animals. Anyway, the story of why and how each of them were changed was very interesting. And the music is fun and relaxing, until Kyle showed up, and another character. Plus, it does a good job in keeping you invested in learning the truth of it all. Yet, I found after I played through one route completely, I mainly just skipped through everything to get the other route's endings. Which made it not as good as going through it the first time. It just didn't seem like there was much of any extra content between the routes. Just a few different conversations. But it was still good to play through the first time, and then kinda annoying to get the other endings and achievements. Though the cannon ending/route, as the achievement called it, isn't really my fav. [spoiler]Edmund's was my fav, and the first route I did. Kyle's ending, and the cannon ending, was still interesting, but not as sweet as Edmund's. At least in my opinion. Oh and Aadara is a real b***h.[/spoiler] Yet it is still probably one of my favourite VN's. Really enjoyed it. [b]8/10 would fall for a man who was an animal for a while, all over again :)[/b]
Review from 76561198181041053MY FURRY FERRET HUSBAND IS LOVE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Review from 76561198089637716Best VN I've ever played. This game has a lot of heart and actually makes you think. The backstory of each bachelor/route is well thought out and very human. Watching them own up to their mistakes and learn from them and want to grow is worth a playthrough. A lot of VNs try to strike a good balance between romance, comedy, and thought-provoking plot but I've never found one that succeeds as well as this one. The characters and story stuck with me for a long time. Also, the MC is fun and real. She has her own opinions and thoughts and feels like a whole person, unlike many otome/VN MCs. Buy it, support the creators. More VNs need to be like this.
Review from 76561198203757041This is one of the funniest dating sims i've ever played- its not forced either. It's got a very smooth flow, good writing and characters and at the end you really like all of them! Even if dating sims arent your thing you'd probably like this. It'll make you cry a bit too ;-;
Review from 76561198271893890This game is a wonderful addition to the english visual novel community. First things first, this game is hilarious. The dialogue and banter between the characters is so wonderfully hammy and ridiculous that it never failed to put a big smile on my face. The characters are all written in a very realistic manner. Each character is from a different time period, and the writers took great cares to make sure that they all felt like they truly were from those times. It touches upon some of the events during those time periods that effects the characters and their perceptions today, such as stigmas against sexuality, or sexual harrassment. The game balances a perfect blend of funny and serious, and excels at both without dropping the quality of one or the other. I sincerely love this game, though it is not without its faults. For one thing, the characters swear a LOT. If you don't care for a ton of swearing in games, this might not be for you. Furthermore, the game more or less follows one plotline throughout the routes, so once you play one route, you'll be repeating a few steps each route. It's not as bad the first couple of times, but can get kind of annoying the 4th or 5th time through. The art style can take some getting used to, though I personally don't find it disagreeable, I know some others dislike the cartoony look. Finally, the game sports a tiny amount of CGs, I believe it is like 2 or 3 route exclusive ones per route, which is rather small. It isn't terrible, but it's something to watch out for if you're bothered by that kind of thing. All in all, I believe that the game is still a wonderful, enjoyable time that manages to be thought provoking and touches upon many issues that aren't explored in many games. I believe that the biggest thing that makes me truly believe in it is that it touches upon forgiveness. Many of the characters have done wrong in the past, and these actions eventually come to light in the route, and each of the characters are forced to face this ugly wrongdoing head on. It's up to the player whether they want to forgive the person or not, and I think that that is a very poignant story device that is fitting in today's world, with so many people who scrutinize others to such extreme degrees that they refuse forgiveness in any shape or form. It is truly thought provoking and is a fantastic examination of today's social landscape. All in all, I'd heavily recommend the game despite its faults.
Review from 76561198275931064A present from friend since she's a fan of this game. The game story is nothing special but have been well written. However, evething else have to be improve: the art, the GUI, the system... At least the art here much better than the dev of Serafina's Crown. I'm not recommend it with full price. Plus, I feel that the dev kind of lazy writing and drawing... Maybe if you get it on sale around 11$ would be better.
Review from 76561198281881533无以言表
Review from 76561198249715008非常不错的乙女游戏,英文不难懂,四六级的水平基本可以顺畅看完 Animal Lover最大的亮点是它的剧情,虽然是一个独立游戏,但是剧情非常丰满。讲述女主Lucy在暑期实习阶段偶然拯救了被变成动物的5位男主的故事。相比于日本的乙女游戏中无所不能的高中生,本作设定贴切生活,剧情中关于人物的日常生活描写也非常细腻。本以为剧情会已拯救男主发展没想到到最后还会翻转,悬念很足。 美中不足的是没有语言而且CG也不多。
Review from 76561198213814683I bought this game only because I like dating sims and I thought it would be cute and fun. What I didnt expect was to beat it in about two days beause I just couldnt put it down. (The only downside is what do I do now??) I love ow diverse the characters are. All with their own stories ad personalities. not only that, but who you play as has a personality of their own, creating more interesting dialogue and narrative as the story progresses. Honestly, this game is so heartwarming. It made me laugh a lot, and it made me cry and I hope more people play this wonderful game! Plus, any game where just looking at a character makes me want to play it is always a bonus.
Review from 76561198043660385Итак, сразу скажу, что новелла мне очень понравилась и она определённо рекомендуется к прочтению тем, кто не ленится и хочет с удовольствием провести время. А теперь поподробней. Прежде всего хочу сказать, что, несмотря ни на что, эту историю следует воспринимать больше как комедию с элементами фэнтези, а не как отоме. Я серьёзно опасался, что это будет типичная отоме с псевдо-зоофильским уклоном, каких немало. Но нет, здесь с этим всё в порядке. Это интересная и очень даже затягивающая история о девушке, которая волей случая сталкивается с довольно необычными личностями. Повествование живое, и оттого сложно оставаться равнодушным. И ты веришь в происходящее, веришь в персонажей. Много шуток, которые не выглядят натянутыми, а просто спонтанно появляются в ходе разговора. Потому что все мы иногда говорим довольно забавные вещи даже не осознавая того. А здесь мы имеем дело с несколькими людьми, которые имеют совершенно разные характеры, но проводят вместе немало времени (практически круглые сутки). Их споры и попытки узнать лучше друг друга, составление планов и просто развлечения - всё это искрит необычайным взаимодействием между персонажами, которое выглядит естественным. Это в немалой степени вызвано и тем, что каждым персонаж очень хорошо прописан. По ходу сюжета мы узнаём немало деталей о них: об их семьях и друзьях, их интересах и планах на будущее, их проблемах и желаниях. И каждый персонаж уникален. Очень хорошо реализуется элемент "привет их прошлого": персонажи, жившие задолго до нашего времени, оказываются в настоящем (2017 год) и сталкиваются не только с незнакомыми местами и людьми, но и просто прогрессом. Эта тема поднималась во многих фильмах/книгах/подставьте-нужное, но нередко персонажи из прошлого выглядят как идиоты из-за того, что не воспринимают реальность вокруг себя должным образом. В этой игре персонажи реагируют адекватно. Да, они в шоке. Но они не тормозят на каждом непонятном слове, они не сравнивают всё с допотопными технологями и т.п. Это сложно передать словами, но они ведут себя по-человечески. И это радует. А ещё они имеют определённые черты, свойственные своему времени. Потому здесь идёт не только различие характеров, но и воспитания/культуры/мировоззрения. Ещё "жизненности" персонажам придаёт рисовка. Она хороша. Хотя по скриншотам можно усомниться в этом, но графическая составляющая здесь выполнена на "отлично", хотя мелкие огрехи всегда можно отыскать. Рисовка персонажей выполнена в мультяшном стиле, отчасти даже карикатурном. Особенно хочется выделить большое количество [очень выразительных] эмоций, которые могут отражаться на лицах персонажей, из-за чего все диалоги выглядят особенно достоверно. Романтическая составляющая присутствует, это да. Но она не перетягивает на себя сюжет. Практически всю игру здесь идёт "дружеская" линия с несколькими неловкими/непристойными/слишком-личными моментами. Изначально казалось, что вся игра будет типичным "угоди парню, чтоб ему понравиться", но нет. Особенно первые выборы подталкивали к данной мысли, однако позже здесь идёт очень много сложных выборов или просто юмористических. Серьёзно, многие выборы смешат сами по себе. Сделайте выбор: "Ну нет, б****" / "На*** это". Да, такие своеобразные выборы здесь бывают время от времени. Но я ушёл от темы. Короче, романтика проявляется уже к концу. В паре (не самых коротких) диалогов и эпилоге. И к ним идут красивые CG. Всё выглядит лаконично и естественно. Но не стоит думать, что игра поверхностна и строится только на юморе. Из-за того, что персонажи такие живые, истории не чужда глубина и детализация. Здесь есть и конфликты: серьёзные и не очень. Есть драма. Есть трагичность. Потому относитесь серьёзней к происходящему. Из минусов могу отметить разве что пару мелких багов: - некоторые реплики подписаны как сказанные персонажами, хотя являются частью повествования. Это может немного сбить с толку. - один раз персонаж должен был быть голым, а изображён был одетым. Это вообще ни на что не влияло, но опять же сбило с толку. В общем, рекомендуется всем. Эта игра достойна того, чтобы её прочитать.
Review from 76561198074581225I love the writing (oh, 21st century problems at their best) and the characters - there should be more guys like them in those kind of games. All of them are worth playing another route. I only went with Frankie by now but I'm definitely going to play it again soon. Or maybe I'm stuck forever with Frankie's route. Huh. Oh, and the Fruits Basket reference. I laughed so hard sitting alone in my room xD Thank you guys for this great game!
Review from 76561198062605274Someone gifted me this game, now I'm gay. 10/10
Review from 76561198046921062First off, don't get weirded out by the name! The writing is great and the characters are fun folks you'd actually want to hang out with. Super bonus since they're all displaced from different decades/eras and talk according to their time and ideals (ie, old-timey prince boy, 20's greaser dude, 80's punk kid, and 90's fitness bro.) They hang out and bond (or fight) when you're not there either, so they don't feel like characters who're solely dependant on the main girl for character development. What a breath of fresh air! PROS -Excellent writing and hearty storyline -Engaging characters and dialogue -Characters displaced from different decades! -Dope references! -Believable and multi-faceted characters and MC - everyone goes through doubts, stresses, and funtimes so nobody feels one-dimensional <3 -Appealing character designs! -THICC BOYS yaaaaassss CONS -Jesus christ, that title... Animal Lover sounds cringy as hell. -Not a fan of the logo! -Sometimes the art is meh (but more often than not, it's great) -Personally, I didn't like the MC's design as much as everyone else? -Despite the excellent plot, most of the guys' endings follow the same storyline, so for the most part you get a very similar experience going with one dude (it only really branches off into husbando territories near the end) Anyways, I had a lot of fun with this one! Give it a shot.
Review from 76561198123555920Awesome game! The characters had a lot of personality. I felt like it did a good job of making you feel like each route was fairly unique. Any time you have a single story arch and try to fit the different routes into that one line you have some overlap. This however didn't leave me feeling like I was only playing tiny variations of the main story line. Helps that each route had a unique ending. I will definitely play through this again sometime.
Review from 76561198163102431Una historia penetrante 10/10
Review from 7656119806709375210/10
Review from 76561198410827251When I first saw this game it did not seem all that appealling but after playing the demo at least 50 times I found myself like the game more and more it was very well drawn and I loved the dialouge between the guys and Lucy it was very appealling so when I was able I bought the game which I do not regret it may have been a little pricey but it was a very fun game to play and I really enjoyed playing through it and would definitly recommend this game to many people it was very well crafted in every sense Amazing artwork including both the characters and the backgrounds I also though the dialouge was very well wrote and looked like a lot of time and effort when into making this game I do have a note I would really like to see more with the endings maybe a DLC that adds more to each guys ending at least another date would be nice to see I would definitly buy this DLC if it were to become an actual product I am very satisfied with this product and would definitly like to see more games by the creators maybe even a second animal lover with a whole new adventure with guys that would be Amazing I give the game creators my deepest belief that this is one of the best games I have definitly purchased if the creators made more games I would definitly one of the people to buy them.