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Review from 76561199010042150I am 32 years old. My ex-wife and I have a daughter together, and we adopted our son together. Both are now 4 years old. When we were going through our separation, I felt lost and unhappy. I was self-destructive. One day, I was so angry with everything spiraling out of control that I punched a concrete wall in a moment of overwhelming emotion. This resulted in breaking my fifth metacarpal in my right hand—the hand I worked with, played games with, and used to carry my children to bed—the hand I desperately needed to ensure I could continue providing. Upon learning the severity of the self-inflicted damage, I became almost suicidal. Keep in mind that just a few months before this, I was the happiest man, with no history of depression or anxiety. I had never experienced anger outbursts, nor was I the type to break down and cry, but I was in a tough situation that truly prevented me from seeing the light on the other side. With nothing better to do, I looked for a game I could play WITH ONE HAND while recovering. Somehow, I stumbled upon this game and read some of the comments. I decided it was worth a try... I must admit I didn't beat the game, nor did I play as much as some of you. In fact, I may have played this game for only a day or two. That being said, after doing so, I had a new joy and hope for life. I managed to leave behind the pain and suffering that had been thrust upon me. I could experience the joy and happiness of other people. I relaxed for 5 ♥♥♥♥ minutes listening to this music, long enough to realize that I would be okay. After realizing this, I turned off the game and went back to work. My hand hurt a lot, but I was motivated. I stopped feeling so sorry for myself and became the father I needed to be at that moment, not the weak boy I was behaving like. Today, I am close friends with the mother of my children. We don't fight, argue, or say hurtful things to each other. We are parents and friends. Now I have 3 children. My third child is, wait, ALSO 4 YEARS OLD. The woman I am with was going through a very similar situation at the time of my separation, and we just unexpectedly stumbled into each other's lives. We have been dating for a year and are very happy together. Moral of the story: you never know what life has in store for you, and if I had given up when all odds were against me, I wouldn't be where I am today. This silly little game helped me realize that. Thank you.
Review from 76561198129806472⣾⠿⣦⣠⡀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⢀⣄⣴⠿⣷ ⢹⣷⣿⠿⣧⣀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⣀⣼⠿⣿⣾⡏ ⠈⠋⢻⣶⣿⣿⡃⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⢘⣿⣿⣶⡟⠙⠁ ⠀⠀⠘⢿⣧⣬⣿⡿⠀⠀⠀⠀⢿⣿⣥⣼⡿⠃⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⢾⣿⡟⠙⣷⡀⣀⣀⢀⣾⠋⢻⣿⡷⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⢸⣧⡶⠟⠛⠛⠛⠛⠻⢶⣼⡇⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⣰⡿⠋⢀⣀⣀⣤⣤⣴⣦⠀⠙⢿⣆⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⢰⡟⠀⠀⠈⠛⠛⠛⠋⠉⠁⠀⠀⠀⢻⡆⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⢸⡇⠀⠀⢀⣴⣶⣾⣷⣶⣦⡀⠀⠀⢸⡇⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⢸⡇⠀⢠⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⡄⠀⢸⡇⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⢸⡇⠀⣾⡏⠉⢹⣿⣿⡏⠉⢹⣷⠀⢸⡇⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⢸⡇⠀⠸⣧⠀⠘⠻⠟⠃⠀⣼⠇⠀⢸⡇⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⢸⡇⠀⠀⠙⢷⣦⣤⣤⣴⡾⠋⠀⠀⢸⡇⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⢸⡇⠀⢸⣇⠀⠀⠉⠉⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⢸⡇⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⢸⡇⠐⠟⠙⠷⢶⣦⣤⣤⣶⠶⠀⠀⢸⡇⠀⠀
Review from 76561198004120981[h1]Summary[/h1] A very strange and simple creature simulation game. [b]Pros[/b] + Strange [b]Cons[/b] - Too simple [h1]Overview[/h1] Plankton is a very strange Tamagotchi-esque creature simulation where you need to raise small aquatic creatures. Starting the game there is barely any tutorial or guide to really explain what you need to do at every stage, so you need to just experiment and see what you can and need to do making things a little difficult. At the first part you need to play or guide a number of different creatures to feed and grow, although they could be the same creatures just in different forms. The second part has you setting up an aquarium to grow and care for these creatures and you gather money to be able to buy different aquariums and lighting. It sounds way more interesting than it really is but its actually far more simpler than that and complicated. [hr][/hr] If you find my reviews useful do follow my [b][url=https://store.steampowered.com/curator/11028547-Dods-Echo-Chamber/]Curator[/url][/b] page for more!
Review from 76561198312332607Difficult game to understand and beat but when you do understand the logic it is quite straight forward. most levels in chapter one explains the player on how to proceed and what to look out for. You should be able to use your mouse button one (left-click) to accelerate the plankton's to get to the food while as your progress you will also be able to place the food into the game play. Completing chapter one would let you get all four available achievements and give your a "Perfect Game" stat for your profile. Simple game that starts of difficult but is an easy 100% for those achievement hunting players. Enjoy!
Review from 76561198082649849[h1] Just observe the plankton... how it evolves. It doesn't get any more interesting than that. [/h1]
Review from 76561198931827113プランクトンになってエサ食うだけのゲーム。 実績で要求される最後のレベル、12がちょっと難しくて、コツを掴むのに少し時間がかかった。愛着も湧く
Review from 76561198081293192нет
Review from 76561198174925127──────██────────────██ ───███▓▓█─██────██─█▓▓███ ──█▒▒█▓▓██▒▒█──█▒▒██▓▓█▒▒█ ──█▒▒███░█▒▒████▒▒█░███▒▒█ ─████░░░░░███▓▓███░░░░░███​█ █▓▓█░░░░░░░░█▓▓█░░░░░░░░█▓​▓█ █▓▓█░░░░░░░░░██░░░░░░░░░█▓​▓█ ─██░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░█​█ █▒▒█░░▄██▄██▄░░▄██▄██▄░░█▒​▒█ █▒▒█░░▀██▄██▀░░▀██▄██▀░░█▒​▒█ ─████░░░▀█▀░░░░░░▀█▀░░░███​█ ──█▓▓█░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░█▓▓​█ ──█▓▓█░░▀▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▀░░░█▓▓​█ ───████░░░▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄♥░░████ ────█▒▒█░░░░░░░░░░░░█▒▒█ ────█▒▒███░░░░░░░░███▒▒█ ─────███▓▓█░░░░░░█▓▓███ ───────█▓▓███░░███▓▓█ ────────███▒▒██▒▒███ ──────────█▒▒██▒▒█ ───────────██▓▓██ ────────────█▓▓█ ─────────────██
Review from 76561198143760311Kinda fun, but its hell to play with a smaller monitor. I also cannot get the hotkeys menu to appear. Could use work on the UI as well as an option to change the size of the window it boots up in. Not even full screen will show me the whole thing. Got it for 99 cents tho. Please work on this game. I cant get the final achievement to unlock even though I spent time feeding the stupid thing. Its really hard to feed it once it gets to the 2nd to last form
Review from 76561198356489869엄청난 시간 낭비.
Review from 76561198171830318.
Review from 76561198268993462asd
Review from 76561198862055504质量上算喜加一的游戏。
Review from 76561198399305676最後一關根本過不了
Review from 76561198428702035Entre un juego y un protector de pantalla, como la mayoria de "juegos" de PanGuoJun, se puede disfrutar de manera chill mientras se miran videos, como el resto de sus juegos, bien baratos.
Review from 76561199022192131Hardly any idea what I'm meant to be doing or what the aim will be. It ticks along more like a screensaver. But its great for being simple. Kind of relaxing and hypnotic.
Review from 76561199088014627Самая неудобная игра, но, мне понравилось
Review from 76561198114026038this is trash... i dont even know what is fun about this
Review from 76561198002954083you just look at little creatures
Review from 76561198405231377这个游戏结构其实还行,但是作者估计是游戏经验太少以至于完全不懂游戏设计,你这几个形态到底哪个形态有可玩性了……前三个形态不能自己控制移动就离谱,另外差异太小;第四个形态是真的无力吐槽, 做成个接金币也比这个好玩啊;最后那关算是最好玩的一个形态,敌人是前几关的自己,但是全是一个AI……你这跟随便放个小鱼有什么区别……
Review from 76561198116100475A tamagotchi-like game with less features. The engagement level is quite low. The visuals are okay but you literally just left click a few times throughout the game and you're done. The Game just plays by itself and you have to do nearly nothing at all plus easy achievements and cards. Worth for that but nothing more.
Review from 76561198328097627喜加一,纯粹喜加一,真没啥玩的倒是。
Review from 76561198397904327plankton go '<'
Review from 76561198033910034Not recommended unless you really enjoy experimental simulations. I was willing to take a chance on this since it seemed interesting, but I was left with disappointment. The graphics are very retro, but have some charm to them and the fluidity of movement works well. There is an alien test subject type feel to it all and I think that was a nice touch. Sadly, it is not really a game, although it has elements of gameplay, but much of it is extremely simplistic. There is limited audio so the atmosphere is left feeling empty (maybe that's the point) when it could have had some mysterious ambiance to it. I was really hoping for more but got what felt like a prototype from the early conceptual stages of an actual game, not worth it on its own.
Review from 76561198053371429This is not a game, it is just a virtual pet with little interactivity. The only really interactive level (beside the occasional feeding) is the last one. It's not expensive (when on sale), if you're into this sort of "art" stuff, but unless you want easy achievements, I cannot recommend it.
Review from 76561198283496483생각보다 어렵습니다 (?) 처음엔 그냥 단순한 느낌의 게임이었는데 가면 갈수록 뭔가 심오한 무언가가 있으며 약간의 불쾌감도 느껴지는데 이유를 모르겠네요 .. 게임 자체가 꽤나 불친절한 편이기 때문에 마지막에 생각보다 어려워지는데 타이밍만 잘 맞추면 충분히 클리어는 가능합니다 .. 제가 왜 이걸 50시간이나 했는지 모르겠네요 ....
Review from 76561198806800320besides being stuck on the lamp level, I loved this game.
Review from 76561198124355320Not a game a simulator
Review from 76561198283209220Don't waste your money. Easy 100% Otherwise not really a game Bad mobile game
Review from 76561199082718015pretty chill game.
Review from 76561199078670534Star Shopping ☆ https://youtu.be/qNFne3mBrz8
Review from 7656119803191737550분 만에 클리어 했습니다. 어... 사는 건 추천 드리진 않는데, 트레이닝 카드 용으로 좋은 것 같습니다. 스토리는 그냥 먹이 사슬에 대해서 알아 보자... 라는 느낌이 들었습니다.
Review from 76561198372170811ㅅㄺ.. 12단계에서 기분잡침..
Review from 76561198830955996[h1][b]这真的是个游戏……?[/b][/h1] 就简介和宣传图来看,这是个可可爱爱的 [b] 放置养成游戏 [/b]。 但是上手之后,我严重怀疑这就是个 [b]动态壁纸[/b]。 哦对,还是 [b]被迫动手弹弹乐[/b] 的壁纸= = [quote] 整体的游戏感受用两个词可以概述:[b]茫然、不爽。[/b] [b]茫然[/b] 是针对游戏本身的。 [b]不爽[/b] 是针对第12关那个弹弹乐的。 [b]推荐只是为了鼓励作者,请不要太当回事儿。[/b] [/quote] [h1]难说“游戏性”[/h1] 这大概是我玩儿过的,最缺少游戏性的“游戏”了。 一个游戏,一定是有正反馈的。如果参照同类的放置游戏,不论是 [b]蘑菇花园[/b] 还是 [b]猫咪庭院[/b],还是 [b]山[/b]、 [b]插花[/b],甚至 [b]壁纸模拟器[/b],都有一定的进阶奖励,或者是成就,或者是收集,或者是对主题的再次强调。不论这个反馈是来自于具体什么样的方面,至少是应该占其一的。 但是很遗憾的是……这个游戏什么都没有。或者说,即使解锁了新的等级或者形态,兴奋度只有几秒,进而又回到了无聊而枯燥的状态。这就会带来一个非常基本的疑问:[b]我到底为什么在玩儿这个游戏呢……?[/b] 没有动力,没有新鲜感,也就没有继续下去的兴趣。 第二章的实验室这个问题就非常明显。如果放置着不进行关照,金币会自动攒到1k上限,然后只能更换共计4个长得不同但是效果没有区别的道具,然后就没有然后了。所以更换了又有什么效果么?养出来的生物也不能互动,也不能放大,也没有明显地表现出“长大”的概念,所以 [b]玩家只是眼睁睁看着……?[/b] [h1]欠妥的设计[/h1] 虽然看评论区其他人说,这是某位计算机行业从业者的试水作品,但是个人角度来说,这可能只是个半成品吧…… [list] [*][b]有一点但是没表明的主题[/b] 有意思的是,游戏在最初进入界面的时候有给出一个生物进化的图表。但是问题在于……配字是非常规文字的,且没有再次出现过。那么问题在于,一个根本不会给玩家留下印象的内容,到底有什么意义或者内涵,在后续长达一个小时的游戏流程当中真的会被在乎么? 显而易见不会。顶多会有一瞬间的好奇,然后就会被遗忘。所以至少这个进化的主题应该说是表达失败的,根本没有展开说明的过程,也就不会被理解。 [*][b]缺少基础游戏设计[/b] 虽说设计者应该是希望弄出一个完全不按套路的游戏,个人是表示支持的……但是你好歹把最基本的需求满足了啊!这是个PC端的游戏,可是整个第一章都是竖屏![b]竖屏!!![/b] 看到画面不完整的时候我都是懵的,即使选择了全屏也是竖屏的状态,这到底是在为手机端服务还是为电脑设计的呢? 除此之外,还有第二章奇特的界面比例……话说界面框玩家不可调整,倒是随着章节不同自动变换的??? [*][b]第12关迷惑的操作[/b] 如果说前11关,我还悠哉悠哉地瞅着长相奇怪的虫子捕猎,观察它们的动向,把它当成一个动态壁纸,那么第12关的 [b]“弹弹乐”[/b] 彻底让我失去了游戏的耐心。 莫名的方向判定,僵硬的鼠标控制,屡抓不中的迷惑操作,彻底让我生出来摔鼠标的冲动。作为一个成就党,只有最后一个成就拿不到是会逼死强迫症的。所以当我最后抓了半个多小时,看到致谢的时候,第一反应就是删了这个破游戏。我不想再看见它。 作为一个玩家,我很难理解这个关卡存在的意义。是为了拖延游戏时间,还是为了表现进化的程度?可是不管哪一项,都不是突然插入这么个无指示无引导,判定成迷的小游戏的理由。这是纯粹的难为人。 [/list] [h1]总的来说[/h1] 我不是很明白这个游戏想要表达什么样的内容或者主题。鉴于有第12关的存在,这个游戏并没能让我感受到平静和安宁。但是前边放置部分的生物进化,也没有体现出“数学”元素的存在。作为鼓励给个好评,但是认真希望作者在之后的作品中能有新的进展吧~ [h1]——————————————————[/h1] [h1]欢迎关注或加入鉴赏家:蛋蛋荐游团[/h1] [u]https://store.steampowered.com/curator/35596718/ [/u]
Review from 76561198014926595(Got this for free courtesy of the developer's submission to OMEGA Trade - G. Thanks!) [h1]That smell...I smell [i]Plankton[/i]![/h1] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EC08SopetFQ (If the video is removed: A clip from Spongebob titled "Krabs vs. Plankton" which is the moment after the aforementioned title reference) If you've seen any reviews refer to [i]Plankton[/i] as a screensaver over a video game, they're (for the most part) right. [i]Plankton[/i] is not much of a game and is more like one of those virtual pet simulators like a [i]Tamagotchi[/i]. For the most part, you just let it run while the critter eats or if you return to sprinkle some more specimens in for it to dine on while it evolves. The story is completely pointless, the screen resolution on the first level stretches down below your task bar (resolution issue needs work), and as for level 12? That's the only time you won't really enjoy this game since you can no longer "auto" it. Instead, you get a tedious mode where you have to figure out how to eat your prey through trial, error, and luck. After level 12, then you've completed all the achievements of [i]Plankton[/i] (at least when I played it in July of 2020). After that, you have a 2nd chapter involving a tank, a lamp, and critters that mysteriously appear in your tank. There's not really much to see here and it appear that the developer has halted all further production on this title. While I enjoy the minimalistic style, I'm afraid I cannot recommend [i]Plankton[/i] simply because I did not really enjoy it. Level 12 left a sour taste in my mouth (though when I finally got a prey, it was a rejoice filled moment) and most of the game did not really have much content to look forward to. The only satisfaction you could really gain was from when the critter evolved into a new form. $2 for a 1 hour screen saver is a bit much to ask. If you really want it, it would be best to wait for a sale...but I'm not sure if I would be willing to pay $0.50 for this title either. 2/10 No Krabby Patty Secret Formula here. Just a minimalistic screensaver.
Review from 76561198038187253I was not a fan of this game. Guidance on gameplay was damn near nonexistent, and I found out I could easily "progress" by not doing anything at all and just letting the game run on its own. On occasion I had to click a few things, and it was nice to get some actual gameplay in there for like 8 collective minutes. Damn near all of my game time was chapter 2 of 2, in which I basically just let the game run in the background, remembering after 30 minutes, "Oh, I can probably buy another lamp now," clicking that, and wandering off again.
Review from 76561198048141445takie se, do pogrania w tle
Review from 76561198321362122很适合消磨时光..
Review from 76561198142797852Hra je určena pro opravdu nenáročné hráče. Vaším úkolem je nakrmit plankton, který se postupně vyvíjí. Ale dát za to 2 eura? Ta hra může být ráda, když ji někdo bude hrát zdarma. [b]2/5[/b]
Review from 76561198319693431Well, yeap it's a small idel game / clicker / toy. When it's on sale for around 1 buck then why not get it. I wish author would make it more interesting and e.g. with a bit of gaming elements just a bit.
Review from 76561198889562085nice game
Review from 76561198980482506我不推荐这个给任何想寻求佛系或简单游戏的玩家,原因在这个游戏在佛系的线性流程中加入了一关根本就是为了故意拖长玩家游戏时长的恶意关卡,如果你看到此评论并且不怕被剧透,可以在评论区找一位其他玩家的评论,游戏中拙劣的看似佛系靠运气的“弹弹乐”中蕴含着巨大的恶意,实在是难以忍受。我可以接受这个虫子就在我电脑上挂着慢慢地进化,但是我不能容忍突然要求手动操作的"惊喜"。可能在没玩过的玩家眼里我过于暴躁,那是因为你们没体会过手动抓了十几分钟还毫无希望的被愚弄感,如果有打分系统,我可能不会考虑最低分和次一级的低分以外的任何评分。
Review from 76561197980726505Relax game. He plays as an amoeba and eat another trifle. Passes quickly, all fans of 100% games and trigonometry will like it
Review from 76561198090525615This is legitimately the fucking strangest game I've ever played. It's very mesmerizing.
Review from 76561198869633489Bizarre/Surreal seal of approval.™ -Rated by T.H.C.
Review from 76561198248972388Der digitale Zen-Garten für Mikrobiologie-Fans. Wenn man früher gern als Kind Urzeitkrebse im Wasser zum Leben erweckt hat, ist Plankton das Sci-Fi Äquivalent am Bildschirm dazu. Das Gegenteil von Action. Einfach nur zuschauen und ab und zu mal herumklicken, um die Organismen zu füttern oder das Ganze im Hintergrund als Bildschirmschoner laufen lassen. Alternativ kann man auch im Wasserbecken beobachten, wie sich neue Algen und Organismen entwickeln unter unterschiedlichen Lichtbedingungen, die man veändern und erweitern kann, sowie auch das Behältnis. Grafisch ist Plankton wirklich sehr minimalistisch aufgebaut mit naiver Malerei. Simple handgezeichnete Strichkreaturen auf schwarzem Hintergrund haben für mich allerdings ihren ganz besonderen Charme. Kunst ist da natürlich immer Geschmackssache. Ich finde es gut, wenn Spiele auch ohne die epischste Grafik auskommen und eine eigene Welt atmosphärisch inszenieren können ohne viel Aufwand. Auch zur visuellen Entspannung in einer sonst so reizüberflutenden Welt sehr gut geeignet. Augen und Seele mal Ruhe gönnen und die Mikroben im Wasser plätschern lassen. Wer allerdings Action, Spannung und Herausforderung in HD Qualität sucht oder mit Minimalismus nichts anfangen kann, der sollte sich das Spiel natürlich sparen. Für alle die eine Ruhequelle suchen, empfehle ich es hingegen weiter.
Review from 76561198052149391Rather than a game, Plankton is like having a virtual fish as a pet. Combined with a chill music is a worth and cheap experience. And also an easy platinum for your Steam Collection!
Review from 76561198030784015Plankton is a mobile app that's been dumped on Steam as a lazy, greedy cash grab. It's a mobile ported clicker/screen tapper game with black and white hand drawn graphics. The mobile port is so low effort that the game runs in mobile resolution and aspect ratio in a window and doesn't even fit to a PC 16:9 screen. Can't recommend anyone rewards this level of laziness.
Review from 76561198817341066Very fun game
Review from 76561198071616816Easy game, Easy achievements :3
Review from 76561198850883000+1
Review from 76561198799781311几乎没有操作,完全就是看着,在屏幕外安静的看着,只有喂食之类的个别操作,实在是无聊到极点了,但确实很让人放松
Review from 76561198139208573Interesting indeed
Review from 76561198142760884An interesting little experimental game. A bit slow, but overall nice little game
Review from 76561198117124319[h1] Plankton [/h1] The Tamagotchi screensaver game. Plankton is a small game where you follow the evolution of an "alian" cell by feeding it, and loving it with your entire heart & soul. The game has 2 chaptors/modes. You develop your cell in the first mode, be aware that the game is mostly about idling here as the cell will swim around and you have little control over its' movement. All you do is feed it the required number of "fneh" by clicking on the screen, wait and watch it get eaten, and that's it through 11 levels. The 12th is the only level different where you wait for the bait, then timely click to try and catch it. 2nd chaptor/mode is set in a lab where you create planktons and cells by buying and using lamps, and solve small puzzles installing these devices. [h1] Thumb Ups [/h1] Relaxing If you're into relaxing, idle and artistic games, this might be for you. Artistic From the Dev: The organisms(style and movement) are generated by particular mathematical(trigonometric functions) codes, all based on points. This could be a new form of art (Algorithmic Art) I can agree to this part. However I've seen this Black 'n' White artstyle more times than I've screamed Michael Jacksons Black or White in the shower, it's not so evolutionary, however the story and description of the various cells through the game is written in alian code which fits the artstyle well, connecting the visuels, feelings and story well together. [spoiler] I believe it's an ancient Mayan alphabet [/spoiler] The munching animation and sound when the cell eats or attempts to catch the prey is outright adorable. Like a baby giraff struggling to reach a leaf while flapping it gums in desperation. [spoiler] I swear this image is cuter in my head than what it sounds like [/spoiler] The Dev seemed to be really committed on answering messages and threads on the Forum and reviews. Seemed also to implement a lot of the requests users had to the game, added trading cards, game border function, control guide and bug fixes when requested. Achievements. The achievements only go for the first part of the game, but I think it's a good thing since you then can complete the game if you get bored or the 2nd mode isn't to your liking. Though I saw someone request achievements for the second part too. No bugs were encountered - pretty good for a new Dev. [h1] Thumbs Down [/h1] Very little interaction in the game, if this can be called a game, since it transcends the norms of a traditional game. This also leads to little replayability. I believe many might find a game such as this boring, I myself lost interest a few times over and started watching movies while idling. There's just little to do with no challenge in clearing the game. Good thing this can be played in window mode. [h1] Closing Comments [/h1] I chose to give this a negative simply because this genre isn't much to my liking. This game looks like a prototype for the Devs other game Jellyfish, not to say it's incomplete. I plan to update this review once I've played Jellyfish, since if it's good i'll recommend it in this review. Also the Dev wrote he's updating this game slowly adding new features, so i'm not sure this is complete yet or not, and new content might change the result.
Review from 76561198191728746This "game" is frustrating and makes no sense. You're told to click on the plankton but that doesn't really get it to do aything useful. It's really just a waiting game for it to eat enough to level up. Then there are levels you actually have zero control over the plankton and just drop in food and again wait for it to eat enough to level up. And when you finish level 12 (the only level that is almost more than just a waiting game) there is a chapter 2? No thanks. Very boring and not worth anyone's time.
Review from 76561198419386568我为什么要浪费几个小时玩这么个玩意!
Review from 76561198238443534到第二章后养着又不能长大,也不能变异玩一段时间后就无趣了,不管从视觉疲劳还是游戏乐趣上说。还有东西都解锁完后多的能量就没用了。既然你说微生物是由数字组成的,那是否能加入公式或算式因X,Y的不同而产生变异能(X,Y是投放的食物或其他什么)我觉的这样就很难玩的没趣,因为这样就有无限的未知去探索,如果真的实现了这游戏就牛逼了。
Review from 76561198169054355It was fun. I was able to complete it easily in one sitting. The last stage was some what difficult but I enjoyed the whole idea of the game. The unknown story made everything intriguing! 7.5/10
Review from 76561198297359479入包! 挂卡! 喜+1! 习惯好评。
Review from 76561198023484674It's a nice little programming demo, but I can't recommend paying money for it. It's pretty, and the mathematics/art angle is interesting, but this is a short, barely interactive experience. To be a fully fledged product there should really be a lot more to it. In particular, the sound is of a very low quality for an experience that is meant to be relaxing. I'd be interested in trying the developer's next game, Jellyfish, to see if there is a more complex experience to be found.
Review from 76561198151921721该评测同步于[url=https://cowlevel.net/game/Plankton/review/2958742/edit]奶牛关[/url]。 感谢奶牛关鉴赏家提供的游戏。 ————20180119———— 在不小心睡觉忘了关机导致挂了12个小时,第二天发现money挂到了1000,顿时觉得索然无味。 ————20180118———— 说实话,我喜欢第一章多于第二章…… 既不属于养成类游戏,也不属于放置类。有的时候只要挂机就可以了,有的时候也需要操作,然而总的来说都没什么游戏性可言。 不过对我而言还挺有趣的,一方面有点像观察一种生物的成长、进化,观察它们的捕食规律。另一方面,玩这个游戏有点像“云吸鱼”,我既不喜欢狗,也不喜欢猫,可以预见到的未来也不会养宠物——没有足够的喜爱让我能为之付出,顶多就是养点鱼(还嫌换水麻烦,鱼缸容易碎),最理想的就是养只乌龟。我对宠物没什么兴趣,不喜欢“可爱”的生物,但是这个游戏却能让我感受到,一种不抱什么希望的期待,浮游生物的柔软身体,也没什么好看的,放在那,它活它的,我看我的。没什么禅意,就当是养条鱼。
Review from 76561198007142871Cute little desktop toy, distracting and interesting for a while.
Review from 76561198052933734プランクトン育成ゲーム。と言っても、プレイヤーができることは マウス操作でエサを配置して上手く誘導することぐらい。 目標捕食数に到達するとプランクトンの見た目が変わっていく。 それを繰り返していくだけの内容。 実績対応・トレカ未対応。日本語未対応だが問題なし。 内容に対して定価だと高い。全実績解除まで40分。 小粒で地味なカジュアル作業ゲー。暇潰しにはなるかも。
Review from 76561198203058437自然と人生の美しさを感じます。
Review from 76561198135438892Very nice game
Review from 76561197964345647I laughed when I read other reviews after playing through this... This has to be one of the most pointless and boring experiences! This does not belong on Steam, rather should be in Apple App store or Google Play! One reviewer wrote, "A very fun game," yet it is NOT really a game and it is NOT really fun at all, rather boring clicker. I guess if you like to randomly click on your mouse, then by that definition it can be considered fun. Maybe the only enjoyable aspect is the under water sounds...The art style is very blah and uninspiring. It has been done a million times before. I can appreciate this as someones practice, art project, class project, but should have never found its way onto Steam. Unfortunately, this is an example of where Steam has gone wrong. They are happy making money on stolen asset money grabs and student projects like this :( Itch.io is the place for this one (in fact there is a clicker game free on Itch.io). I could not wait until it was over! Happy that it is over!
Review from 76561198115832485游戏的参与度非常低
Review from 76561198368799839애완 플랑크톤 키우는 게임, 먹이 먹이는게 좀 답답하고 마지막 진화형태에서는 타이밍 좋게 버튼을 눌러줘야 되서 거의 액션겜으로 변모한다. 꾹 참고 하면 1시간 안에 도전과제 100%는 가능
Review from 76561198336270895我成功到第二章了,有没有人能告诉我接下去该干嘛?还有怎么赚钱?
Review from 76561198244624048熬过了第一章节,这个游戏就有趣多了。 原来成就只有这么几个?那后面大概就是观察了? 挺有意思的。
Review from 76561198407162477游戏比较有创意,但还是比较无聊 不过我真正要说的是 [spoiler]作者你考虑过密集恐惧症玩家的感受么...[/spoiler]
Review from 765611981073780561/10 TL;DR school art project with no game and not much art. I wanted to award my first 0/10, but I did not want readers to think I am joking. There is no instructions or tutorial as to what is going on. One reviewer mentioned that this is an interactive screen-saver. Yes, barely. The entire game consisted of clicking food into a petri dish, as soon as the game would let me. 1/2 of boredom later, I have 3 of the 4 achievements. The final level 12 is dead and unachievable since the "hydra" form will not catch anything to eat after an hour of attempts. After wondering why life has passed away so cruelly, there is a second mode from 1. Evolution 2. Aquarium Nothing happens in Aquarium; the light turns on and off. Wait around for another couple of hours to see if the light does something? No thanks. Plankton was so nonsensical that my Win10 machine would not run program because of OpenGL problems. 1/10 minus 1 point for content. Student project that should have been graded and discarded. Dev too lazy to give any coherence to his incomplete school assignment. Teacher laughed at his creation and said, "Throw it on Steam. The worst that can happen is you can scam a few trusting souls into giving you a $1, hoping for some real substance. Claim that it will do your taxes too, and maybe you can scam $2."
Review from 76561198331714386我不知作者出于什么目的希望大家晚上一个人玩,但这是极其不明智的。 虽然作者大概想表达一种观察的意境,但我想大部分人反而会开始烦躁不安. 游戏构思还行,就是没有一点目标和基本说明。 第一章我还知道是吃东西,但第二章就真不懂要表达什么了 还有就是真真真无聊,数学之美果然是隐藏恕我什么也没发现
Review from 76561197975674670A tamagotchi-like game with less features. The engagement level is quite low. The visuals are okay.
Review from 76561198053757623First chapter is kinda ok, second doesnt really seem to work (or need some explanation on mechanics). Not a bad game, just feels like it should be f2p.
Review from 76561197986353054A strange experimental little game. Reminds me of mushi, which is nice. It's clever and quite thoughtful/contemplative, but also a little unusual. More of a sandbox than a game (at the moment) the points where it acts more like a game tend toward frustrating - waiting for random chance and food. While that's part of the charm, it can also feel like a game of luck more than you'd expect (looking at level 12!). I'm going with recommended, because the idea is so novel and so well executed that it's worth having a go just to watch the pixels and try to guess the math behind them. (if you like that kind of thing!)
Review from 76561198290575461首先,我表明态度,我不推荐这款游戏。 并不是它做得不好,而是确实没意思。 画风蜜汁可爱,“小动物"进化时让人期待;算是加分项,但是并没有卵用,游戏充满了各种硬伤。 你可以说它是养成放置类游戏,但“小动物”的捕食判定很迷,很多时候并不是靠耐心就能解决的;比如第十二关你放着不管,游戏可能会卡一辈子。 玩法单调。玩家能做的只有点一下“小动物”,然后它就愚蠢地前扑一下——是的,它只会前扑,不存在鼠标可以操作它移动的情况。在这里不得不提一下十一关和十二关。当你在十一关理解了这一关你操作的小动物是靠触手感知并捕食后,你甚至可以一下子攒多个食物投到它面前,然后一步通关——前十关的设定是在搞笑么。到了十二关,情况又变了,触手在十一关的捕食设定被抛弃了,小动物变成了只会用自己身上的管子样嘴巴捕食,但是捕食动作有冷却,能不能吃到食物看游戏判定的心情——你觉得吃不到的时候它吃到了,你觉得它吃得到的时候它肯定吃不到,前一关的设定是作废了么??? 可能有人会说,这游戏就是放着不管的,你玩得这么快怪谁。但是要知道,我打着哈欠半小时能集齐成就的游戏,你就算是放养也不会有多大容量和有趣之处。记得十几年前的flash小游戏么?就这套路。 真的很可惜,如果它只是一款可以放置于桌面一角,可以完全不管;并且具有丰富“生态”内容(更多的同等动物,食物更多)的桌面宠物类游戏,我可能会推荐它,但是现在不行,真的不行。 [spoiler]鱼缸场景都设计好了为什么不能一来就用?明明可以更有趣的[spoiler]。 [spoiler]不要相信游戏介绍的内容,晚上玩只会让人觉得你是神经病,而且陷入巨大的自我厌恶中(我好无聊、我好焦躁、我好孤独、我是不是该睡了???)。至于什么“数学化”的宣传,你玩这游戏是被这个吸引的?因吹斯挺[spoiler]。
Review from 76561198107636822打折买的7块钱而已,挂机的小游戏,没耐心的不推荐玩,全程基本看着,不会有什么操作的。我甚至有时候不知道它怎么玩。不如选择《山》
Review from 76561198213618204我觉得这款游戏可以算作放置游戏吧? 作为一个比较喜欢放置游戏的人,我真的喜欢不上这个游戏…… 因为它竟然让人产生很焦躁的感觉 很巧我玩游戏的时间就是制作者所说的深夜 看着一个浮游生物,就是吃不到东西,就是不去吃东西,一个冲刺食物都摆在他面前了,他开始停下来睡觉,做动作(这个时间还很长)…… 难道我唯一能做的就只有点一下它让他朝前冲刺么!? 哦,当然我还有件可以做的事丢食物 也不知道到底多久才能扔一个食物……完全没有食物倒计时,就只能看着食物0的数字, 很久之后突然有食物了快扔到小生物面前(扔慢了,浮游生物跑了……) 玩到第十关就剩下这种很气的感觉……为什么我还在玩呢? [spoiler] 因为成就啊,感觉快齐了,真的quq我还能坚持下去 [/spoiler]
Review from 76561198144232663i think this is how sperm grow
Review from 76561198272645839An ingenious little game that is worth the time it takes to get used to it. I sincerely hope that the developer continues with a new release along the same lines.
Review from 76561198026463611Cute, casual, low-key idle-slash-puzzle game.
Review from 76561198119862968成長していくプランクトンを眺めているゲーム。 このゲームでできることは以下です。 ・プランクトンの操作はクリックで餌への誘導(その方向へ行くとは限らない)。 ・餌をあげる。 ・水槽の観察。 bgmもなく水の中を泳いでいるような音と餌を落とした時のポチャンという音だけです。 成長するプランクトンに餌をあげながらぼーっと眺めていると不思議と愛着がわいてきます。 かわいいプランクトンがきっと疲れを癒やしてくれるでしょう それかプレイ中に寝る。
Review from 76561197978405541For the first couple of minutes ... "WTF? What did I just pay money for?" After a few levels and finally getting the point, a lovely calming little interactive screen saver basically, but not really a game if that's what you're looking for. Recommended if you have a bit of spare cash, not if you are just about scraping money together for your next game! An interesting idea, so good luck to the Dev in future endeavours.
Review from 76561198052393448This game is like it says, an electronic pet that you keep running either in the background or on a second/third/fourth monitor. it's interactive most of the time, with a couple of times that the feeding just happens. It's a cute 99 cent game, even though I caught it at a higher price.
Review from 76561198140213503Nice simple pet simulator, this is the first time I see how you pet something that is not ordinary. Stunning and simple art with smooth movement and animation. Chapter 1 is very short, but I like it because the plankton suddenly can "idle" or "sleep" by itself. This game is good, but it will be better if: [olist] [*]Put the control menu/UI on the game -- I don't know the function of money until I saw the pinned post stating there is a shop feature. Even in the shop I don't know how to look another sold items until I try to press arrow buttons (left/right). [*]Look after on Steam Achievement because there's something wrong. I have already cleared Chapter 1 but I didn't received Life Form 4 badge. [*]Fix the typo on the beginning of the game (it is supposed to be 'Upgrade' instead of 'Upgrad'). [/olist] Chapter 2 is still under development, can't wait for the next patch and upgrade. This game is recommended for those who like idle things, but of course you need to take care your "pet" too.
Review from 76561198084135558Ein kleines, aber gut gemachtes Spiel. Man muss ein wenig Geduld mitbringen und darf nicht viel Action erwarten. Aber an sich ein gutes Spiel.
Review from 76561197984124320该游戏偏向于放置类,玩起来需要有点耐性,权当一个背景开着就是了。 游戏制作比较稚嫩,操作反馈较模糊,对于用户的操作引导也不算完善,希望作者可以改进,毕竟用户不是QA。 另外希望游戏显示尺寸可以根据PC做适应,毕竟登录于PC平台,游戏窗口却是为手机适配有些说不过去。
Review from 76561198228130528[strike]“在这游戏火之前我就慧眼识游戏”奖,希望可以成真咯[/strike] update: "极简主义游戏" 提名
Review from 76561198019813345Grow your tiny plankton into a hydra. Fairly simple gameplay, but quite fun. The first chapter takes less than an hour to complete. There is a second chapter although its work in progress.
Review from 76561198081631374请问这个游戏到底玩儿啥? 自动吃东西吗?玩家就看着? 养成类游戏? 哦 那抱歉 我确实无法理解这游戏 退款了 11块钱也是钱啊!!
Review from 76561198155273519感谢@Deus_Lysenko提供的游戏Key!^^ 游玩这款游戏的过程,我无时无刻不想到陈星汉的flOw:海洋里的微生物,依照大鱼吃小鱼的逻辑,在觅食中不断进化,在每一次转变过后,新的视界就会张开。Plankton似乎也打算走这样的路线,在粗糙但简约的黑白画面中,你操纵一个微生物开始了进化之旅。 那么,与流相比,它就有太多的问题了:首先鼠标控制不够流畅,也有可能是我操作有误;然后是生命力的缺失,整个场景死气沉沉,早期的微生物或者说食物统统静止不动,后期的移动轨迹又显得似乎有些刻意;进化后造型和能力的变化也没能带来足够的新鲜感。更别说一切还统统被限制在一个固定空间里。 我所期盼的是一个如流一般富有生命力的世界:水在流动、生命也在流动,世界在变化,大鱼吃小鱼、小鱼吃虾米,但这样做是不是又太像另一款游戏了呢?我不知道,也许作者的本意就是打造一个容器,更多时候你只需要在外头静心观看,毕竟有些时候你还需要进行投喂。 某种意义上,Plankton的确达到了这些目标。操作不得要领后,我索性放弃了控制而转为了观看。游玩的过程里间或看上几眼:它已经找到了多少食物,还需要多久就可以进化;又或者是等食物集满后,一次性撒落在各个角落里,看它要多久才能吃掉全部。 这些过程也的确带给了我片刻的安宁,在深夜里、戴着耳机,黑暗、安静,看着它一点一点地长大。变化前的瞬间还是会小小地激动一下接下来会变成什么样呢,觅食中突如其来的睡眠和“冥想”动作也让我觉得萌点十足。然后,游戏提示告诉我结束了。 我挺享受这样一个简单的过程,但不得不说它还是做得太单薄、生硬和粗糙了一点。不过对于当下游戏市场来说,制作这样一款个性十足的游戏,我觉得值得肯定。但像我一样,肯花上一小时来养育这样一个并不可爱的微生物的玩家,我想应该还只是少数。
Review from 76561198057436025因为这是作者的一个试水作品。我也不知道该如何去评价,就单从我个人的角度去说说?我觉得作者是希望做给自己这样的人去玩的。 作为一款电子宠物,Plankton的定位和市场上的放置类游戏有很大的区别。放置类游戏作为一种产品,更多的是在收获感上下文章,跳动的数字就是行进的动力。 Plankton在作者的Algorithmic Art加持下,其实算是一个小的Software,一个Widget。普通人没有那么多的时间在一个黑暗的环境里感受宁静。 既然是Widget,槽点无非是窗口比例失衡(可能有移植手机打算),背景很干,没双屏不好摆放这些问题。 作者选择的是丝毫没有情感加成的制作模式,包括不用引擎来方便自己作画。 这到底是一种自己对自己的试炼,还是什么东西呢? 所以回到主题,我觉得作者是做给自己这种人的,但是这种人确实不多。
Review from 76561198283852417The game was pleasing to play and to look at. But my main complaint is that the window is way too small, and seems to be made for mobile phones. I could not find any menu to change the size of the screen, and reducing my resolution did not help. But overall, the gameplay was fun and i found no glitches, despite the young age of this game. I look forward to future updates.
Review from 76561198282168244一款非常简单的游戏,看介绍说是培养浮游生物,实际上只是类似于挂机的一个游戏。可操作的地方只有投喂食物和点击浮游生物去捕食。1个小时就能结束,生物的进化也是固定的,喜欢这个画风的可以买一下。最后结束的时候只有“谢谢观赏!”让人看得一头雾水,希望作者能继续更新改进。姑且给个好评。
Review from 76561198065358646A simple, single-cell virtual pet. I think $0.99 might be a more fair price for the game given that there is not much to it but I wanted to support a new developer. I would like to see an option for a larger display. Going full screen would make it a bit more difficult to catch food but would look better on my screen. Current game save is located at C:\Users\$username\AppData\Local\game. Might be better to save it as "Plankton" rather than "game" so one could find it easier. An icon on the bar rather than the defaul EXE icon would be nice.
Review from 76561197965656882What is Plankton? Start with a single celled organism and watch it evolve as it consumes food and ranks up. If you are a fan of low-stress games with a relaxing atmosphere and graphical style, this will fit those aspects. A good game to have running while working on tasks or watching TV. Dont expect to get your heart pumping with adrenaline or to be completely consumed with the story. A simple and basic game, but nice to watch growing if working on other activities. All that said, good game for a first time developer, considering how glitch free it is. In any case, developer should keep developing games, but this game is not for everyone. Unless you like games that don't require your complete attention, then I can recommend this game.
Review from 76561198104963431key是一个朋友赠送的...算是应游戏作者的要求,来对这个游戏做个测评。 有一说一,加之key激活不计入总评价;因此,不要太在意本评测抬头的大拇指朝向。 那么,正文开始。 ------------- [h1]>首印象[/h1] 游戏在官方商店页面的介绍,给我的第一印象是:“这是一款大鱼吃小鱼类型的游戏”。可当我真正进入游戏之后,才发现并不是的。游戏更偏向[挂机放置]类型的游戏。 不是像Click Heros的那种放置游戏,而是更偏向QQ宠物那种类型的挂机游戏。 我对这个游戏的设定定向是比较有意见的。鉴于开发者是“一位游戏主程,做烦了,于是来做独立游戏;并以这个游戏试水,想了解一下现在玩家的偏好”,因此,那我接下来就不客气地说说我的观点。 ------------- [h1]>那些热销的挂机游戏都有什么?[/h1] [code] 挂机放置游戏,甚至是禅学游戏,如Viridi、Sakura Click、Mountain等,无一例外,都可以让你永久地挂下去。你可以无休止地种花养花、看山旋转,从某种意义上满足了Steam用户在没事干又不想玩游戏时的挂机欲望。 但是,这个游戏不行,它的游戏周期是有限的。游戏会在当你成为鞭状浮游生物之后的某个阶段戛然而止,剩下没反应过来的你一阵发蒙。 举个例子,我闲暇时并不总是有心情去玩游戏,但一旦开启steam,你就会觉得不开游戏挂着浑身难受;这时候我就会打开一些不占内存的小游戏,如Viridi,挂挂机看看花,没什么特别的意义,就是放松,给心中添加一点莫名的满足感:“看啊,我在玩游戏”。同时,steam上把游戏挂上几百几千个小时的人大有人在;可能会有人很奇怪他们为什么会这么做,其实道理很简单:当你把steam账户当成你的游戏收藏库时,你会从你每个游戏的游玩时间中找到一种拥有感——看啊,我曾经“运行”了这款游戏这么久。 并不是所有人都是这样的,但你不能否认有人确实有这种习惯。 因此,我觉得给一个“挂机”游戏设定结局可能不是一个好的设定。 我个人更偏向于能够养上满池的小浮游生物,各个品种都有,然后可以观赏它们遵循达尔文进化论互相争斗时那有趣的场景。 [/code] 其次,不可否认,游戏带有点击浮游生物可以让其加速游动的操作设定,但由于浮游生物是自己改变方向寻食的,因此这个设定在前期也变得可有可无,存在感极低。 [code] 另外就是主角是浮游生物的设定...确实在这样一种画风下有着不错的表现力。搭配背景音效中滴滴答答的水声,有着一种无发言及的静谧感。 但我觉得对于游戏中主角的设定还是要考虑一下人类的审美和需求的。 我问了一下我身旁玩Viridi的妹子们:假如这是款收集养成游戏,她们会选择养这么一群浮游生物么? 她们的回答是:“需要再可爱一点才会考虑”。 是的,从人类的审美和需求上来看,在工作之余玩一款放置类游戏,至少需要有让人继续下去的欲望;Viridi中你可以完成一盆不错的盆栽;Mountain中你可以弹弹曲子、收获几千小时的入教时间;Plantera中你可以收获一群萌爆的小生物、一个大花园和steam成就。 因此,总结来说,这个游戏目前给玩家带来的“继续游戏”的欲望并不强。 [/code] ------------ [h1]>一些建议[/h1] 所以,以我的愚见,我觉得这个游戏,如果希望做成一款不错的挂机放置休闲游戏,至少还要有以下的设定: [list] [*]1.Esc菜单:包括调节音量(静音等)、退出等。 [*]2.一个明确的收集目标:无论是steam游玩时间也好、好看的steam成就也好、一个满满当当的浮游生物池子也好... [*]3.可自由调节的窗口尺寸。 [/list] 当然,如果作者更希望这款游戏成为如Plan[浮生若蝇]([url=https://www.keylol.com/article/51018/13]->我的评测<-[/url])这一类简短但带有一些禅意的游戏,应该加入一些更明显的表征意象。 我在游戏中能看到一些写着不明文字的小插画,应该是介绍浮游生物的一生之类的,只可惜这个意象出现的时间太短,给人的印象也不深刻。那些看不懂的文字本可以如FEZ中一样玩出一种神秘感、给人以猜测的空间。但可惜点就在给玩家的信息量太少,印象也不深,很难给人一种由意象(浮游生物)到诸如人的一生之类的直观感受。 所以,我建议作者能在接下来的更新中: [list] [*]1.加入一些能让人印象深刻的场景、意象。无论是用反色也好,用特效也好,一定要突出风格化。 [*]2.在游戏中各个阶段的渐变中,加入更多的设计,比如池子中的一个小浮萍逐渐变小,让玩家感觉到:我的浮游生物真的长大了。 [*]3.一个更有禅意的结尾,而不是用“重新游玩”这四个字强硬地打断整个游戏的流程。 [/list]