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Lonelyland VR

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Review from 76561197974057022If you have the Valve Index and controllers. don't buy this game. it say on the store page it works with that system but it really doesn't. you can see the world in the headset and fire the gun your given in the opening scene but that about it. you can't move or open any of the inventory/equipment pages. in my opinion that's false advertising
Review from 76561198133600586conceptually its got potential but in its current state its very amateur; I didnt know you could even produce something like this with the current game engines out there :P The animation and graphics are very sub-par even with the settings maxed out and gameplay is very clunky. Maybe it will improve in the future and if it does i'll update my review; for now its a dont buy from me.
Review from 76561198358294142It seems to be a Dont Starve in VR, i like the gameplay. Damn it! I died at 15st day at first time, but i want to survive more day.The BGM is better than the scene, and the katana is damn good, but it seems too powerful.I except more pretty and nicer graphic.
Review from 765611980450665315毛钱的音效简直就是随便找的,5毛钱的可玩性 看看人家领主vr这个游戏
Review from 76561198317513791Lonelyland VR is a fun survival game with rogue-like elements. There is no progression between games, but it definitely feels rouge-like with the lack of lots of instructions and the single life. This game is quite entertaining. I like to use this game to relax and wind down from my usual style of vr games, the more action oriented room-scale types. When I play this, I kick back and chill while exploring and trying to figure out the best ways to stay alive. One thing I would love to see in this game is a way to mark maps. It can be very difficult to remember where certain pieces of equipment are when you have explored 30 or more cells. Trying to find the sewing machine or the washing machine again can be a real effort. Overall, I do like this game. I would recommend it to people looking for a casual survival/crafting game with some rogue-like elements.
Review from 76561197974765747My specs: GTX 1070/FX8320/16 Gigs RAM/HTC VIVE This is a adventure/survival/building/action/crafting VR game. You hold the gun in your right hand and do all your actions with the pointer beam. The game is hardcore in the sense that you have to figure everything out on your own and survive. If you die you have to start all over. I did not see a save feature when I played the game. The graphics are not the best, are cartoony but clear enough to be easy on the eyes. Some of the back drops are pleasing. The game is in early acces so it will be improving as time goes on. There is no real locomotion. You use a map to teleport to other locations but when you get there you are sitting or standing stationary and then just do your stuff that way. Collect, fight, craft, etc. while stationary. The price is a little high for what it is but the developer is updating it frequently and is very passionate about it. If you really like these kinds of games in VR then investing now into this is good. No free-roaming is my main gripe with this title and the roguelike aspect. There is a simple tutorial now to help get you started in the game. It is a casual-like game with hardcore aspects. Try it and see if it is your style. Just give it a chance. Don't quit without actually traveling and doing some crafting. You can also find guns as you travel too. It kind of grows on you after you play it a while. Enjoy. Video below. https://youtu.be/Fu31gL-hkxk Latest game play from december 28, 2016: https://youtu.be/it6QFllh3qk
Review from 76561198141292657I was skeptical at first but this small game grew on me after awhile. As with most survival games they gave no instructions on how to play. Even with the sub-par graphics and esoteric play-style, I actually started to enjoy this game. It is frustrating if you do not know what to do, so here is my Essential Guide to get you up and running as quickly as possible: https://youtu.be/ouURepFLB4k How many days can you survive?
Review from 76561198061066803Пожалуй первая виртуальная песочница мною встреченная, оттого еще более интересен был мой опыт первого включения Lonelyland VR. Не вдаваясь в подробности, могу сказать, что первый блин получился не совсем комом, безусловно эта игра не идеальна, но и положительных моментов ей хватает, так что пожалуй да, нежели нет!
Review from 76561198121927817还不错,我可以自由地探索,每次死了之后重启,都是一个新的世界。虽然不能四处移动,但是也不容易晕。你要做的就是收集东西,制作东西,对抗敌人,和永不放弃的希望活着。然而,活不过十天。这真是一个梗!